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A Nutritionist’s 10 Surprising Secrets to Staying Healthy

As a Registered Dietitian one question I get asked all the time is, 'What do you eat?' Here are my top ten secrets to staying happy, healthy, energized and fit.

How to Toast Seeds Perfectly

There’s a big misconception that the seed-roasting process can be labor intensive, but in reality it’s super easy. Here's a quick 10-minute method.

Arugula Strawberry Salad with Divine Green Dressing

A creamy avocado-based dressing can turn any salad into a work of art, especially when you toss it with this combination of perfectly picked ingredients. Go ahead and create this masterpiece in your kitchen.

7 (More) Benefits of Juicing

Could there possibly be even more benefits of juicing? Yes, indeed! Get out your juicer because here are 7 more benefits that go beyond weight loss and feeling energized.

I Can Finally Control My Weight, My Diet, My Life

"Both Reboots were positive as I was truly seeing results of healthy change almost immediately, from water weight loss, to increased energy, to a feeling of control."

Creamy Roasted Beet Soup

Beets might be a favorite in your juice recipe, but have you considered making them the main ingredient in your soup? Now you will because this soup is so rich, creamy and simple to make.

Fiber-Rich Walnut Lentil Tacos

Here's what you need to know about these tacos. Lentil haters and meat eaters will love them. When you combine yummy flavor and a satisfying texture, it's a win for everyone. And that's exactly what this recipe does.

9 Huge Benefits of Drinking More Water

So many of us know that we should be drinking more water, but do we? Maybe if we have a better understanding of why we need to drink more water, we will! Here are 9 huge benefits of drinking more.

I Lost More Weight In 15 Days Than I Did In 6 Months

This was the best money I have spent and I lost more in the 15 days than the 6 months of what I’d call moderate juicing.

5 Steps to Resetting Your Resolutions

We're almost two weeks into the new year. If you feel like you're already slipping away from your resolutions, these tips from a nutritionist will help you reset your intentions.

Anti-Inflammatory Cherry Chia Smoothie

Boost your health with this delicious, refreshing smoothie that contains important anti-inflammatory properties.

Spiced Cinnamon Apple Smoothie

Tis' the season if you're weather's getting colder for this spiced cinnamon apple smoothie made with roasted acorn squash! It's a new blend you likely haven't tried yet, and you're going to love it.