Ready to Start Batch Juicing?

Here’s what you need to know and what to have on hand to begin.

There’s nothing better than freshly made juice, which is delicious and packed with nutrients. But even with time-saving juicers on hand (like the Nama J2 which allows you to put in whole fruits and vegetables, and walk away while it does its work), it’s not always possible to find time to make juice multiple times a day or week.

That’s where batch juicing is a convenient, efficient option to help you drink more juice throughout the week.

What Is Batch Juicing?

Simply put, batch juicing means making a lot of juice at once. Instead of doling out the ingredients needed to make one 16-ounce beverage, you’ll pack your juicer with more fruits and vegetables, and make more juice. That way, you can drink some juice right after making it, and save the rest to consume later.

There are quite a few benefits of batch juicing:

You’ll save time: Instead of having to prep ingredients several times a day or week, you’ll take on this task just once. This also means fewer trips to the grocery store and cleaning the juicer less.

You’ll always have juice available: Batch juicing allows you to have a juice on hand, helping you make healthier choices when a snack craving hits.

You may save money: Since you’ll be using more ingredients at once, you may be able to find discounts at the grocery store for buying produce in bulk (e.g., one box of strawberries may be $3.99, but you can purchase two for $5).


Tips for Batch Juicing

For successful batch juicing, you’ll want to follow these strategies:

Store your juice properly: You’ll want your juice to be filled to the top in airtight glass containers. These two steps will help reduce oxidation.

Time it right: Once you’ve made your juice, place it in storage containers. You can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours. Want to make juice and drink it beyond three days after you made it? Stash it in the freezer. Just remember: Since liquids expand when frozen, if your juice is headed for the freezer, you’ll want to leave some space in the container.

Add some citrus: To prevent oxidation and nutrient loss, try squeezing lemon, lime, grapefruit or other citrus into juice you’re storing.

Timing is important to batch juicing, as well as having the right accessories on hand. That’s where Nama has you covered with their new line of accessories. Take a look at these new add-ons below, and see how they support your batch juicing efforts.


Nama’s Batch Juicing Accessories

Large Hopper

If you’re a batch juicer, you’ll welcome this large 105-ounce hopper, which has 50-percent more capacity than the standard hopper that comes with your Nama Juicer. This hopper attachment is compatible with the Nama J2 and C2. Fill up this hopper with enough produce to make a whopping 36 ounces of juice. Learn more

Large Pitcher Set

This set, which includes a pitcher, strainer, spatula, tight-sealing lid and pulp catcher, allows you to juice, strain and store all in one. It’s specifically designed to go with your Nama Juicer, and is both lightweight and large to fit more juice. Learn more

Citrus Attachment

This attachment makes it easier to juice oranges, lemons, grapefruit and other citrus fruits faster. Just cut your citrus in half and juice. Learn more

Storage Bottle Set

Nama’s set of four 17-ounce single-serving glass bottles is ideal for batch juicing. The interchangeable lids are compatible with Nama’s On-the-Go glass bottle and standard mason jars. Learn more

On-the-Go Glass Bottle

If you’re taking your juice with you, you’ll need something to store it in, the Nama On-the-Go Glass bottle holds 25 ounces, has an airtight seal, and is easy to hold. Learn more

Enjoy all the benefits batch juicing has to offer.