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Kids Like Juices Too!

Juicing for your kids is an excellent way to include and increase many immune-boosting and brain-boosting nutrients into one fun cup. The great thing about juicing for the kids — you can sneak a few vegetables that many kids may not like, such as the greens or cabbage family vegetables, into any fruit based juices. These can be easily hidden amongst fruit, as the flavour of these vegetables tends to be milder than the stronger flavoured fruit. In Australia it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Many colds and flus are out and about at the moment, and juicing can be an excellent way to include easily absorbed nutrients and anti-oxidants that your kids may not feel like eating when they are not 100% well. Adding a little lemon and raw honey to any fresh juice is also an excellent addition when your kids are not well.

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Juice Recipes

Spinach Supreme Juice

This juice would make Popeye proud. It’s got greens galore with tons of spinach, cucumber, celery and parsley.

Carrot Limeade Juice

Carrots and limes make for a zesty and delicious juice full of antioxidants.

Celery & Co.

You might be surprised by this mild-flavored green juice with just a hint of licorice flavor.


Colorful Chopped Asian Kale Salad

Become a chef in your own kitchen by making this delicious Asian-inspired salad. It’s vibrant, crisp, easy to make and takes a standard salad recipe to the next level.

Veggie “Chicken” Soup

Craving comfort food? Try this vegan version of a classic sick-day soup loaded with vitamin-C rich foods, like red pepper and parsley.

A Veggie Frittata Recipe Perfect for this Weekend

Craving a hearty but healthy breakfast this weekend? This vegetable frittata has sweet potatoes and mushrooms to fill you up, plus spinach for a dose of greens. Eat up!