Reboot with Joe Cookies Policy


Cookies are small text files installed inside the browser with the purposes of assisting Reboot in the provision of the service in relation to the features described below. The use of Cookies may require the specific consent of the user.


Activities strictly necessary for the functioning
The Reboot website uses Cookies to automatically remember the user’s last session and to carry out other activities strictly connected to its functioning, for example in relation to the internet traffic distribution.

Saving of preferences, optimization and statistical report
The Reboot website uses Cookies to automatically remember the user’s preferences and for the purpose of tracking website navigation issues of the user. Among this kind of Cookies there are preference Cookies, currency Cookies, and Cookies used for statistical purposes by Reboot.


Reboot uses third party analytics providers and products to obtain, compile and analyze information about how users are using and interacting with the Reboot website. Reboot may provide information to these analytics providers for the purpose of obtaining statistics and other information about how users are using and interacting with the Reboot website. These analytics providers may use tracking techniques other than Cookies to recognize your computer or device and/or to collect or compile this information. These techniques may be used directly on the Reboot website. Reboot has no responsibility for the technologies, tools or practices of the third parties that provide analytics products and services to Reboot. Please be aware that your web browser may not permit you to block the use of these techniques, and that browser settings that block conventional Cookies may have no effect on such techniques.


Reboot employs interest-based advertising, including retargeting or remarketing technology provided by third parties (“Third Party Providers”), to advertise Reboot goods and services across the Internet. Such Third Party Providers include:

• Criteo SA
• Facebook, Inc.
• Google Adwords, a service of Google Inc.
• Instagram LLC
• Twitter Inc.

Such Third Party Providers use Cookies to track which parts of the Reboot website you have viewed. Then, using non-personal information obtained through those Cookies, third party vendors (e.g., Google) display Reboot ads specifically tailored to you on third party websites that you visit. This way, we are able to advertise Reboot goods and services in a way that best suits your specific needs.
If you do not wish such Third Party Providers to collect any such information from you, you can use each Third Party Provider’s opt-out function set forth below:

• Criteo: www.criteo.com/privacy
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/164968693837950
• Google Adwords: https://www.google.com/settings/ads/
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/privacy

You can also opt out of any third-party vendor’s use of Cookies by visiting www.networkadvertising.org/choices.