Kids Like Juice Too!

Juicing for your kids is an excellent way to include and increase many immune-boosting and brain-boosting nutrients into one fun cup. The great thing about juicing for the kids — you can sneak a few vegetables that many kids may not like, such as the greens or cabbage family vegetables, into any fruit based juices. These can be easily hidden amongst fruit, as the flavour of these vegetables tends to be milder than the stronger flavoured fruit. In Australia it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Many colds and flus are out and about at the moment, and juicing can be an excellent way to include easily absorbed nutrients and anti-oxidants that your kids may not feel like eating when they are not 100% well. Adding a little lemon and raw honey to any fresh juice is also an excellent addition when your kids are not well.

Starting your kids on 100% fresh fruit juice can be an easier option if they won’t take to a vegetable mix straight away. Gradually over time you can start to move away from the 100% fruit juices and include some vegetables such as spinach, celery, parsley, cabbage, broccoli and others. Start with very small amounts of vegetables so they can get used to it. You can also water down any juice if the flavour is too rich for your child.

Sweeter vegetables and fruit such as carrot, butternut pumpkin(squash), golden beetroot, apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, honeydew(melon), kiwi and oranges are all good choices for children.

Serving juices in an attractive glass or cup can also increase the appeal, along with having the kids help to prepare the juices. It has been shown that the more kids are involved in the preparation of the food the more interested they become in eating or drinking it. You can make juicing a fun family activity by involving the kids in picking and searching for the ingredients and helping prepare the juices. Another fun ways to encourage kids to consume more fruits and vegetables, make icy poles (popsicles) or ice blocks or freeze juice in ice cubes.

Citrus Icy Poles (Popsicles)

Preparation Time: 10mins, plus freezing time
This can be made with any juice that your kids like and adding some of the pulp will increase the fibre content.
– 2 Mandarins
– 2 Oranges
– 1 Carrot

Peel the orange and mandarin and Juice.
Grab a few teaspoons of the pulp for each icy pole and place this into each then pour the fresh juice on top of the pulp. Place the hand holders in the containers. Freeze overnight. Enjoy!

Grape-Apple Juice

Preparation Time: 10mins
– ½ cup grapes (red or green)
– 1 apple
– 1 celery stick
– Handful of spinach (less if they are not used to it) – Optional

Wash produce and Juice. Pour into fun cups!
Makes 2 serves approx. 300mls (10oz)

Orange-Kiwi Juice

Preparation Time: 10mins
– 1 orange
– 1 kiwi
– 1 small carrot
– Broccoli (a small portion) – Optional

Wash produce and peel the orange and kiwi. Juice. Pour into fun cups!
Makes 2 serves approx. 300mls (10oz)