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An Easy Christmas Morning Smoothie

The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with healthy versions of your favorite flavors. However, this smoothie will be a favorite all year long.

A New Way to Eat Grapefruit

It's time to think outside of the box and start enjoying your grapefruit in a new way. This way is broiled with a little bit of sweetener on top for a delicious breakfast, or even a dessert.

No-Bake Peppermint Bark Brownies

Ready to impress your friends and family this holiday season? These no-bake, vegan peppermint brownies will do it. You'll love this recipe.

A Festive Holiday Juice

Get into the spirit of the holiday season and make this extra festive juice with a red base and pretty drizzle of green kale juice on top!

Don’t Let Guilt Be A Part of Your Holiday

When the family dinners come up, it is important to consume healthy where possible, but guess what? It's also okay to relax a little during the holidays and enjoy indulgences too. Here's why you shouldn't feel guilty.

Gift This: Mean Green Fruit Basket

Nothing shows you care more than this homemade gift of health -- it's beautiful, inexpensive and takes no time to put together. And it all adds up to make the perfect Mean Green Juice.

The Upside of Your Favorite Christmas Cookies

We know this holiday season will be full of your favorite cookies, right? And we also know the headlines say that the cookies are all bad for us, but are they really as bad as they say? Find out.

Wintergreen Juice

Cozy up with a warming juice made from fresh herbs that give it a cold-busting kick. This juice is also lower in sugar, making it a healthy choice for those looking to cut sugar intake.

How to Cook Mushrooms Perfectly

Sautéing mushrooms is an art, and this method is the best way to do it. It's all about heating the pan properly. Learn the 6 easy steps to perfectly cooked mushrooms.

A DIY Gift: Lavender Salt Scrub

Show someone you care with the gift of self care; a homemade bath salt, rich with essential oils made from epsom salt that will sooth even the toughest of muscles and minds.

9 Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

Swap in these healthy foods to avoid unnecessary empty calories, sugar slumps, digestive upsets, increased cravings and unwanted pounds this holiday season.

A Bitter Melon Juice for Weight loss

Here's a good reason to add bitter melon to your juices: It offers an array of health benefits particularly for weight loss, blood sugar support and insulin resistance. Bitter melon is often found in herbal weight loss formulas, so why not consume it naturally?