Gift This: Mean Green Fruit Basket

If you need a last minute gift idea for a host of a holiday party or for your children’s teachers, we have you covered. Nothing shows you care more than this homemade gift of health — it’s beautiful, inexpensive and takes no time to put together. And the best part? The special person you’re gifting it too can add it all to a juicer to make our favorite Mean Green Juice recipe. If they don’t have a juicer, you can adjust the basket so they can make the Mean Green Smoothie (all you have to do is add a banana and almond milk!). We had fun putting this together in the Reboot office and you will too.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Find a basket. 
You can find great baskets at any thrift store for super cheap. Or you may have a basket lying around that you don’t use anymore that would be perfect!

2. Purchase the produce.
Put your glasses on and find the prettiest produce your store is selling. I had fun picking out the apples that I thought were the shiniest and kale leaves that looked strong and healthy.

3. Buy a mason jar.
We love storing our juices in mason jars, plus this adds a nice touch to the basket. Find one that’s around 16 ounces so the juice fits perfectly.

4. Find your favorite ribbon, floral wire and festive garnish. 
Using floral wire, make your desired bow. If you need help, here’s a helpful youtube clip on how to make a bow. Add evergreen to your bow for a festive touch then tie with it around the basket handle with floral wire.

5. Stuff the bottom of the basket with tissue paper. 
To help the display, and depending on the size of your basket, tissue paper can help bring the display up a little. I used red to contrast the green vegetables and it looked nice!

6.  Add everything to the basket.
Display your fruits, vegetables and mason jar as you wish. If you’re traveling, if might be a good idea to wrap it in cellophane and tie it with another bow, but that’s not a must!

You can also pair it with our 101 Juice Recipes Book and flip Joe’s Mean Green for an extra fun touch.  

101 Juice Recipe Book