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How A Nutritionist Celebrates A Birthday

We all have birthdays. Some of us love them, others hate them. No matter how you feel about your birthday, Reboot Nutritionist, Isabel Smith, offers some of the best ways to celebrate. And yes it involves cake!

Join Joe’s 2016 Juice Challenge for Free!

Join Joe’s 5-Day Juice Challenge from January 11 – January 15 to start 2016 right. We will provide everything you need, and the only thing you’re responsible for is making the juices. Join today!

Simple Ways to Stay On Track During the Holidays

Have your holiday extravaganzas left you feeling frustrated that you blew your healthy eating goals? Don't let one night get you down. Follow these simple tricks for staying on track.

Should A Reboot Be On Your Resolution List?

Go beyond the super crowded gym January 2nd and start to map out how 2017 will really be the year you get your health back on track, and keep it there. And guess what? A Reboot can help. Find out why.

A Low-Sugar Twist on Tzimmes

While Tzimmes would usually include brown sugar, bottled OJ and dried fruits, this version is one that won't put you on a sugar high, and it's just as enjoyable.

6 Things You Can Do to End 2015 Right

While your focus might be on your best way to start 2016, don't neglect what's left in 2015. There's still plenty you can do to make the most of this current year.

Super Easy Cauliflower & Spinach Soup

If you're tired of green smoothies and juices, switch it up with a green soup! This soup is loaded with immune-boosting nutrients.

What Inflammation Really Does to Your Body

'Anti-inflammatory' is quite the buzzword lately. So what is about inflammation that is so bad? Our Reboot Nutritionist explains everything you need to know about inflammation.

Chopped Broccoli Salad with Roasted Garlic Aioli

It's time to take your salad making to the next level! With this chopped broccoli salad combined with a creamy vegan aioli dressing, you'll make a salad-lover out of everyone.

What’s Really in Your Cocktail?

There's good news (it can be fun!), and there's bad news (they aren't too healthy) about cocktails. Here are 6 cocktails you may want to avoid and the swaps that help make them smarter choices.

A Healthy Spin on Latkes

This healthier spin on the classic latke dish keeps the flavor, texture and deliciousness but leaves the breaded and deep fried cooking method out of it.

I Lost 105 Lbs and Feel Better Than I Did At 17*

Dave, age 58, admits he was nearly dead until he watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Read his success story to find out how he lost 105 pounds.