I Lost More Weight In 15 Days Than I Did In 6 Months

Editor’s Note: Debbie was first introduced to the idea of a Reboot after her gynecologist prescribed her to watch “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” It inspired her to start drinking juice and after juicing moderately for six months, she wanted to lose more weight. Debbie knew it was additional support that would help her get there. She decided to embark on a 15-Day Guided Reboot and what she was able to do in 15 days was far more than what she did alone in six months. 


Name:  Debbie T.
Age:  46
Location: New Lenox, Illinois
Guided Reboot Plan:  15-Day Guided Reboot with Stacy Kennedy

How did you learn about a Guided Reboot?
During my ‘annual’ physical with my gynecologist, he wrote on a prescription pad the name of Joe’s documentary (“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”) and told me to watch this and tell me what you think when you come back in two weeks for a follow-up.

What inspired you to sign up for a Guided Reboot?

After watching both FSND 1 & 2, not once, but a few times I decided to download his 5+5+5 plan and followed. Now this was in April 2015. I bought myself the Breville juicer and went shopping! Now fast forward to November, I lost about 15 pounds from April to November. I had to lose more and doing a Guided Reboot would keep me accountable and on track. The best money I have spent and I lost more in the 15 days than the 6 months of what I’d call moderate juicing.

How did the experience go for you?

It was a great experience! We had a great group and communicated often on our group page. Having a coach available to answer questions and keep you motivated was awesome. I loved the webinars…lots of great information and it seemed more personable.

The plan was easy to follow and all the recipes were easy also. I had a few days where I was hungry, I just wanted to chew something. I would get cold, as many complained. Adding an extra juice helped and drinking lots of lemon water or I’d put a slice of orange/cucumber in the water.

Did you have any notable health or physical improvements (weight loss, lower cholesterol, etc.)? 

My lab work greatly improved. Cholesterol down to 101 from 155. My lipid profile improved, which I don’t remember my #’s. However, my B/P is still borderline high. I am not on meds at this time. But, if I can’t get it under control…well let’s be positive. I have lost a total of 44 pounds since I started my journey in April and my goal is a total of 80. I could aim high at 100, but I may look too thin.

What was the toughest part about the Guided Reboot experience? 

Making meals for the kids and not eating what they eat. They were supportive and stayed positive for me. I just drank my meal and they chewed.  It just took a few days to get over it. I feel that I did not have the severe tiredness or fatigue that others complained about. Maybe because I had been juicing for months prior.

What habits have you maintained and kept a part of your everyday life?

I eat more fruits and vegetables. I actually crave them! I start my day with the hot water with lemon and ginger. I juice breakfast and dinner. I eat a lean protein and salad for lunch. I rarely snack on ‘food’, but I have found that Smart Pop, popcorn is a good snack if I want to have a treat.  I choose not to eat out at restaurants and definitely no fast food. Not that I was a frequent flyer of them. I was a pizza and beer kind of girl. I have had a few glasses of Gluehwein on vacation and strudel. I could care less to have any alcohol.

What is your lasting impression of the Guided Reboot experience?

All good!!! Best $150.00 I spent on myself this year. I want to participate in another Reboot this month. I may do a 30 day! The 15-Day was just right, but I may want to push myself just a little bit more.


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