10 Deliciously Fun Ways to Enjoy Vegetables

Often people mistakenly believe healthy eating is boring. This is so not true! You can make any healthy dish taste delicious, comforting and satisfying. As long as you put in a little bit of effort, a little creativity, and an open mind, you’ll soon realize that eating healthy is really a blast and you can turn any old boring dish into an amazing one with these great tips.

1. Spices Make a Dish Delish

Try adding cumin to parsnip, cinnamon to sweet potato, fennel seeds sprinkled onto pumpkin or winter squash, chilli on carrots, or turmeric on cauliflower! Spices can take these vegetables to a whole new level, this not only ups the ante but increases the antioxidant buzz and medicinal value and adds a great flavour. Rubbing oil, sea salt and garlic into steamed greens can really add a new dimension that will be more satisfying then garlic bread.

2. Fries Don’t Need to be Fried

You don’t need to eat piles of deep fried potatoes to enjoy good fries. Try cutting any vegetable into small fry like sticks or discs such as carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, parsnip, beets or pumpkin, mix with a healthy oil then if you want to, you can add tasty spices which can really make boring fries yum and healthy. Try adding cumin, chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, Himalayan salt and the list goes on to your next lot of vegetables. Try our Chili Beet Chips, Roasted Blue Yams, Brussel Sprout Chips, or our Yam Fries.

3. Try Zoodles Over Noodles

Substituting noodles, pasta and rice with vegetables was never so easy. Go ahead, whip out the spiralizer and replace white rice, noodles and pasta with vegetables. You’ll really increase your vegetable nutrient consumption and you’ll be surprising everyone that no, it’s really not noodles. When making a delicious pasta sauce but you wanted to keep it light, try zucchini noodles or fettucine, cauliflower rice or a healthy alfredo pasta.

4. Go Nuts for Nuts & Seeds

Food isn’t just about flavour it’s also about great texture and when you lightly toast nuts or seeds and combine them with sautéed vegetable dishes or a salad, you can really add a new flavour that takes an average vegetable dish onto a whole new level of yum. Adding different textures such as a crunch, increases our enjoyment of a meal. Try our broccolini with toasted almonds, or our warm roasted vegetable quinoa salad with almonds, or a strawberry and macadamia salad or try seeding up your salad with this beautiful summer seed salad which increases the protein, essential fatty acids and gives the salad a nice crunchy texture

5. Pair Fruit with Your Veggies

Adding fruit to salads and hot meals can MAKE a dish! Roasting apples along with your parsnips and sweet potato, roasting pear and Brussel sprouts, using apples in carrot vegetable soups such as our Exotic Squash Carrot & Apple Soup, adding strawberries to a salad, cantaloupe with arugula (rocket). There are so many beautiful variations where fruit can really move a dish into a realm of deliciousness, increases nutrients and improves the flavour while adding a new element that makes the meal more enjoyable. For something new try our Roasted Butternut Squash & Blueberry Salad, spice and fruit up a salad with our Tropical Avocado, Papaya Ginger Salad. There are so many wonderful variations for you to try!

6. Add a Splash of Citrus

Lemon and lime can add a wonderful zing to many vegetable and fruit dishes. Lemon has a positive effect on improving digestion due to its natural acidity and can really add a strong flavor element that brings out the vegetables’ natural flavors. Try our Lemon-Herb Roasted Green Beans, Zesty Lemon & Herb Zoodles or our Lemon & Mint Lentil Soup.

7. Dress It

Homemade healthy sauces and dressings for a fresh vegetable or salad dish can turn a boring pile of leaves into a delicious plate of heaven. Make sure all the dressing ingredients are fresh and healthy and you can easily store this in the fridge to pour on at any point.  A creamy tahini dressing can turn a pile of kale into a delish dish, a honey sesame dressing that will have you licking the bowl after you’ve eaten all your vegetables, a great vegan parmesan cheese salad with cranberries and kale to help keep those greens up, or tang it up with a wonderful fresh & green sweet salad.

8. Mash It

Tired of plain old mashed potatoes? Why not try mashing other tasty vegetables to enjoy with your meal as a healthy side. Think garlicy mashed cauliflower, garlic mashed sweet potato or baked truffle pumpkin potato mash.

9. Dip It

Making healthy vegetable based dips can really turn those boring vegetable sticks into a love affair. Pesto, guacamole, bean dips the world is your oyster. Here are some of our favorites: Kale Pesto White Bean DipRed Onion & Pepper Guacamole or try any of our suggested fun sides for your next party.

10. Update Old Faves

It’s easy to translate an old favorite recipe into something healthy and light like our our Vegan Tacos.Or make Veggie Enchiladas or try our vegetable healthy pizza base to up your cabbage family nutrients and anti-cancer properties while enjoying the pizza taste. Another option, Lasagna can be layered with extra vegetables while using nut creams as a cheese substitute. Try our Raw Vegan Lasanga to really hit that spot.

The possibilities are endless and even writing this piece makes me realize how many wonderful delicious recipes we have sitting on our site for you guys to enjoy and try! See more of our delicious exciting plant based meals, juices and smoothies.