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7 Summer Foods that Help Stop Bloating

Feeling bloated is the worst. Do your best to prevent it by adding more of these kitchen-staples to your diet.

Post-Workout Berry Protein Shake

Make the most of your sweat sesh by fueling up on carbs and protein within an hour after working out. This smoothie is the perfect treat to help you rebuild and repair your muscles.

20 Minutes of Exercise Can Boost Your Mood for the Day

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym to reap benefits from your sweat session. Researchers are saying in just 20 minutes, we can change our mood for the entire day.

9 Powerful Health Benefits of Pineapple

One look at a pineapple might make you want to take a trip to the tropics but it's also loaded with amazing health properties. Here are 9 reasons to eat more pineapple.

Blueberry Cashew Quinoa Salad

Make the most of blueberries this summer by not only making them a surprise ingredient in a simple salad, but also using them for the salad dressing. Blueberries all day, every day!

Joe is Hosting a Free Webinar on Men’s Health

On Wednesday, May 25 at 9PM EST, Joe Cross invites you to join him for a FREE Men & Weight Loss Webinar. It will be a casual chat to talk about common challenges and how they can actually be easier than you think to overcome. Register now!

8 Ways to Keep Your Metabolism Healthy

Worried about your metabolism slowing down? You'll feel much better once you realize you can maintain an optimally functioning metabolism with the help of these 8 tips from a nutritionist.

Postmenopause? Here’s How You Can Thrive

If you've hit postmenopause or are quickly approaching it, it's likely you've seen some changes in your body thanks to the lovely hormones. You don't need to suffer though. Here are 7 tips to start thriving.

Spiralized Cucumber Tomato Summer Salad

Slice, spiralize and add a touch of dressing and you'll have one of this summer's easiest, tastiest meals in less than 10 minutes.

21-Minute Total Body Summer Workout

Need a quick workout that does wonders for building strength? Here are 7 moves that you can literally do anywhere that work the entire body (hello beach workout!).

Lentil Bolognese with Sweet Potato Noodles

If you think bolognese sauce is only for meat lovers, think again! This hearty, healthy sauce is made with lentils and can be made in less than 30 minutes.

9 Signs Your Microbiome May Be Out of Whack

It’s crucial we take care of our guts to enhance our well-being and health. Here are 9 signs that your microbiome may be out of balance and how to fix it.