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A 15-Day Guided Reboot

Hear from the people who know best: Guided Reboot for Thyroid participants share their success stories.

Anti-Aging Avocado and Parsnip Salad

A mix of hot and cold ingredients, all full of healthy nutrients that promote skin health.

5 Unexpected Foods That Are Full of Sugar

Even foods that seem health (ahem: yogurt) can be surprisingly packed with sugar. Find out the biggest suspects — and how to avoid buying high-sugar foods.

5 Nutritional Myths About the Thyroid

With thyroid diseases on the rise, there are many misconceptions swirling around about what, if any, foods affect the disease. Find out the most common misconceptions.

A Shocking Look at How the Sugar Industry Influenced Nutritional Guidelines

Published studies that downplayed the link between sugar and heart disease were funded by the sugar industry.

Healthy Brain Smoothie

This smoothie contains my favorite brain-healthy (but tasty) ingredients.

How to Break Free from Your Sugar Addiction

Get the facts on sugar addiction from Coach Rachel – and see how a Guided Reboot can help you banish cravings.

10 Anti-Aging Foods to Eat Daily

Having the nutrients in these foods can help slow down your body's aging process and boost your wellness.

Sugar and Your Brain: Why Sugar Is So Very Addictive

Studies show that sugar lights up the same exact area of our brain that is stimulated by drugs.

Grilled Pear Walnut Salad

A little bit sweet and a little bit crunchy — serve this salad as a side or main dish.

A Decadent Vegan Chocolate “Cheese” Cake

This dairy-free, nutrient-dense cake is full of flavor, and perfect for your next celebration.