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Warm Apple-Cinnamon Salad

Roasted root vegetables and apples are perfect on a bed of spinach and arugula in this perfect late-summer salad.

When It Comes to Change, Men and Women Are Different

One thing I’ve learned from Rebooters: There is a Yin and Yang of men and women when it comes to implementing big changes in your life.

Make a Perfectly Complete Salad

Hone your salad-making skills with this easy template for a perfectly balanced, simple salad.

The Best Way to Start and Break a Fast

Whether for religious or medical reasons, you can ease stress on your health by planning your pre- and post-fast.

Daily Habits to Keep Weight Off for Good

You've completed your juice fast. Hurray! But how do you maintain your healthy lifestyle? Reboot nutritionist Claire Georgiou shares her tips for lasting success.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Need a perfect on-the-go snack? Make a batch of these spicy roasted chickpeas.

Supercharged Green Goddess Smoothie

This creamy green smoothie is packed with superstar ingredients.

Relieve Everyday Complaints with Juice Add-Ins

Try these easy juice add-ins for common everyday complaints, like upset stomach, congestion and constipation.

A Perfect Veggie Chili

Try this hearty all-veggie chili recipe. You won't miss the meat or beans!

Curb Your Picky Eating Habits

The picky eater’s club… it’s not just for kids. Here's how to work on your (or your loved ones') food phobias.

Insulin Resistance, Blood Sugar and Weight Management

One chemical process has a profound effect on our weight: insulin and insulin sensitivity.

We Tried It: Juicing Without a Juicer

We compare blending/straining to juicing in this head-to-head contest with some surprising results.