The Dairy Diary: Why More People Are Opting Out

Milk and cheese are where we get our calcium right? Not necessarily! More and more people are choosing to go dairy-free. Here's why.

The Truth About Caffeine

Is caffeine good or bad? Helpful or harmful? There's no 'right' answer but this will help you get closer to finding out what's right for you.

3-Ingredient Raw Brussels Sprouts and Apple Salad

You love roasted brussels sprouts, but there's a new brussels sprout in town that will steal your heart. Meet RAW brussels sprouts. You'll be surprised at how delicious they taste in this simple salad!

9 Tips to Improve Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Tired all of the time? Stressed? You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue but these 9 tips may naturally help you regain your energy and feel good.

Beet & Red Cabbage Slaw with Garlic Aioli

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The Secrets to Staying Slim

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‘Reboot with Joe Juice Diet App’ En Español!

We have great news for everyone in our community who speaks Spanish — our Reboot with Joe Juice Diet App is now available in Spanish. If you want your app to be in Spanish, you can update it with just a few simple steps (for iOS users only).

How to Properly Wash Your Produce

Have you ever popped a blueberry in your mouth before washing it and wondered, “Is it really clean?” Theses steps will help to limit the amount of residue and harmful bacteria on your produce.

Spicy Moroccan Cauliflower Salad

Add some spice into your salad routine with this vibrant Spicy Moroccan Salad. It captures all of the beautiful colors from a variety of Mother Nature's produce.