The Secrets to Staying Slim

Every wonder what naturally slim people do differently? Studies are pointing to a few interesting facts about their daily habits and we’re sharing them with you.

In one recent study, at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, researchers analyzed the habits of 147 adults who participated in an online Global Healthy Weight Registry, a database in which adults of healthy weight were invited to sign up for the registry and then answer questions about diet, exercise, and daily routines. From this and others similar they found commonalities among healthy weight participants. Here’s what they found.

They Choose Quality Over Quantity

Eating high quality food (that may cost a little more) provides a higher source of nutrition that will support good health, energy and a healthy weight. When we eat too many highly processed foods it’s likely to experience irregular blood sugars, poor energy levels and increased hunger and weight problems.

Eating large portions for less isn’t really getting your money’s worth; it’s important to remember the time, money and stress that it may cause to try and lose this extra weight that you may gain from eating lower quality and less expensive foods in larger portions. Eating excess food not only creates a great strain on your body but it also increases your appetite in the long run, making it impossible to be satisfied with a regular sized meal.

They Eat Mostly Home Cooked Meals

Sometimes healthy options are available for delivery and takeaway, but it’s more likely we go for the gluttonous options when someone else is cooking and bringing it to your door. People who are of a healthier weight are more likely to throw together a quick salad or a vegetable-based meal with a healthy protein portion for dinner instead of reaching for the delivery menu. Here are some great recipes you can make easily at home.

They Eat More Mindfully 

Healthier participants tend to eat with less distractions and are more likely to watch less TV.  They may also tend to deal with emotional ups and downs with other healthier means. Learn how you can be more mindful while you eat and why it may help you lose more weight.

They Listen to Their Bodies

People who are of a healthier weight tend to listen to their natural hunger cues and stop eating when satisfied. Regardless of what’s left on the plate, they stop!

They Don’t Skip Breakfast

Ninety-six percent of the participants who answered the Global Healthy Weight Registry ate breakfast daily, particularly fruits and vegetables or eggs. When people skip breakfast it is found that people tend to eat more calories later in the day and have a higher body mass index.

They Follow A Routine 

When healthy habits are built into daily habits, then healthy doesn’t feel like such a chore. If you commit to a healthy change it can take up to 21 days for this to become a habit, so don’t give up just keep doing it until it becomes natural.

They Weigh In Regularly

Weighing yourself too often can be counterproductive but people who are of a healthier weight do tend to weigh themselves regularly. This can be helpful for people to know when to cut back when they may be overindulging a little too often.

They Exercise Often

Many of the participants said they exercised 5 or more times per week regularly. Exercise is believed to help to support a healthier appetite and to balance blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity and lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

They Eat Plant Foods Frequently

A large portion of their plates were vegetables;  salads for lunch, fruit for snacks, and an abundance of color at dinner.

They Follow A No-Guilt Rule

The researchers also found that if they overate, they rarely felt guilty. They simply were conscious of what they ate most of the time and didn’t feel guilty when the occasional treat was enjoyed!

They Don’t Yo-Yo Diet

They tend not to diet but rather had healthy habits that they had maintained over a period of time to maintain their healthy weight.

NOTE: It is important to note that these participants had not fluctuated in weight more than 11 pounds (5 kilos) so these recommendations are important for long-term weight maintenance and tips for habits to implement in the long-term. Find out what works best for you and your body. If you are struggling to lose weight, our Guided Reboot Programs are the perfect starting point for your journey. Learn more about our weight loss programs.