Ask the Nutritionist

A Nutritionist’s 10 Surprising Secrets to Staying Healthy

As a Registered Dietitian one question I get asked all the time is, 'What do you eat?' Here are my top ten secrets to staying happy, healthy, energized and fit.

7 (More) Benefits of Juicing

Could there possibly be even more benefits of juicing? Yes, indeed! Get out your juicer because here are 7 more benefits that go beyond weight loss and feeling energized.

9 Huge Benefits of Drinking More Water

So many of us know that we should be drinking more water, but do we? Maybe if we have a better understanding of why we need to drink more water, we will! Here are 9 huge benefits of drinking more.

How to Stock Your Kitchen

One of the most important tips to having a healthy year is to keep your kitchen fully stocked with the best pantry staples, produce and simple salad ingredients. Here are 53 foods that will make your kitchen a goldmine of health.

12 Realistic Resolutions a Nutritionist Recommends  

Before you sit down and write out your resolutions, consider adding these nutritionist-recommended ones to your list.

New Year, Same You: Why It’s a Great Thing

New beginnings, new identity and all that is great, but why are we fighting so hard to start something new when we have the greatest thing right in front of us? Find out why the same you isn't so bad.

Don’t Let Guilt Be A Part of Your Holiday

When the family dinners come up, it is important to consume healthy where possible, but guess what? It's also okay to relax a little during the holidays and enjoy indulgences too. Here's why you shouldn't feel guilty.

The Upside of Your Favorite Christmas Cookies

We know this holiday season will be full of your favorite cookies, right? And we also know the headlines say that the cookies are all bad for us, but are they really as bad as they say? Find out.

How to Cook Mushrooms Perfectly

Sautéing mushrooms is an art, and this method is the best way to do it. It's all about heating the pan properly. Learn the 6 easy steps to perfectly cooked mushrooms.