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12 Realistic Resolutions a Nutritionist Recommends  

Before you sit down and write out your resolutions, consider adding these nutritionist-recommended ones to your list.

New Year, Same You: Why It’s a Great Thing

New beginnings, new identity and all that is great, but why are we fighting so hard to start something new when we have the greatest thing right in front of us? Find out why the same you isn't so bad.

Don’t Let Guilt Be A Part of Your Holiday

When the family dinners come up, it is important to consume healthy where possible, but guess what? It's also okay to relax a little during the holidays and enjoy indulgences too. Here's why you shouldn't feel guilty.

The Upside of Your Favorite Christmas Cookies

We know this holiday season will be full of your favorite cookies, right? And we also know the headlines say that the cookies are all bad for us, but are they really as bad as they say? Find out.

How to Cook Mushrooms Perfectly

Sautéing mushrooms is an art, and this method is the best way to do it. It's all about heating the pan properly. Learn the 6 easy steps to perfectly cooked mushrooms.

How A Nutritionist Celebrates A Birthday

We all have birthdays. Some of us love them, others hate them. No matter how you feel about your birthday, Reboot Nutritionist, Isabel Smith, offers some of the best ways to celebrate. And yes it involves cake!

Simple Ways to Stay On Track During the Holidays

Have your holiday extravaganzas left you feeling frustrated that you blew your healthy eating goals? Don't let one night get you down. Follow these simple tricks for staying on track.

Should A Reboot Be On Your Resolution List?

Go beyond the super crowded gym January 2nd and start to map out how 2017 will really be the year you get your health back on track, and keep it there. And guess what? A Reboot can help. Find out why.

What Inflammation Really Does to Your Body

'Anti-inflammatory' is quite the buzzword lately. So what is about inflammation that is so bad? Our Reboot Nutritionist explains everything you need to know about inflammation.