The Top 15 Recipes from 2015

In the last year we’ve added hundreds of new plant-based recipes that range from fresh juices to our favorite vegan, gluten-free desserts.  Each week we track the ones that you are loving so we can be sure that we continue to satisfy you in your own kitchen with amazing recipes. I’ve compiled the most popular recipes you’ve enjoyed on our site in 2015, and it is no surprise that you love your juice.  This list doesn’t necessarily mean they are new in 2015 (although 12 of them are!), but it simply signifies that the recipes below are the ones you visited the most on our site this year. Spoiler alert: Mean Green is the winner once again!

To get you ready for making 2016 the healthiest year yet, consider making these 15 popular juice recipes:

1.  Mean Green Juice

2. An Anti-Inflammatory Concoction to Drink Every Morning

3. Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

4. Radiant-Antioxi Orange Juice

Juice in glass

5. A Juice That Supports Natural Detoxification

6. No Fruit, No Problem Juice

7. Immune-Boosting Anti-Inflammatory Grapefruit Juice

8.  Morning Green Glory Juice

9. Simple Juice, Endless Health Benefits

Juicer carafe

10. A Juice the Fights a Cold

11. The Digestion Helper

12. A Green Juice for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Juice

13. Quick Quencher Pineapple Juice

14. Turmeric Sweet Potato Orange Juice

15. Hot V6 Juice

Juice in glass with celery