Weekly Recipes

Sweet Potato Sliders

Here’s a fun and healthy twist on a classic appetizer. This recipe boasts some nutrient rich superstars with avocados and sweet potatoes.

Party Time – Recipe of the Week

Bring a healthy dish to your next party this way there is something that works for you and you won’t feel left out.

Grape & Green Smoothie – Recipe of the Week

This smoothie is very high in electrolytes and minerals, the coconut water, banana and cucumber are all high in magnesium and potassium.

Some Like It Green Juice – Recipe Of The Week

This juice will give you a super-charge of nutrients from loads of leafy greens.

Green Grape & Pear Juice – Recipe Of The Week

This juice has a high potassium, vitamin K and flavanol content, these nutrients are specific for a healthy heart.

Mango Salsa Juice – Recipe Of The Week

This tastes like your dipping your taste buds into fresh mango salsa - except its a juice!

Minty Citrus Juice – Recipe Of The Week

This juice has contains delicious citrus fruits with a high content of anti-oxidants and nutrients.