Reboot Rainbow Salad Juice – Recipe Of The Week

Try a juicy spin on your favorite salad recipe! Here is a simple recipe that tastes like a mild tomato juice, but for more nutrients and flavor you are welcome to expand this list to include other salad favorites like cucumber, celery, jicama, etc… and substitute any ingredients like the swiss chard for another green such as kale, spinach, romaine or arugula.

Fun fact: adding olive oil to veggie juice is a healthful way to maximize absorption of fat soluble vitamins and phytonutrients such as Vitamin A and beta carotene which are both prevalent in this delicious juice. Healthy fats are also important to satiate hunger and provide anti-inflammatory compounds. If you are looking to maintain your weight during the Reboot, you can be more liberal with the amount of olive oil to boost the amount of healthy calories in your juice.

In just 163 calories, this juice also provides:
137 mg of calcium (~1/2 cup of milk)
1,608 mg of potassium (1/3 of the recommended daily requirement)


  • 1 cup Spinach
  • 2 cups Spring Mix Greens
  • 1/2 cup (150 g) Red Peppers
  • 1/2 cup (130 g) Carrots
  • 1/2 cup (130 g) Cucumber
  • 1/4 cup (30 g) Red Onion

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 16 - 18 oz (500 ml)