Joe’s Juice Box – December 6, 2013

Have a look at what I’ve been reading around the web this week. Yes, two articles are about the cost of a healthy lifestyle but it’s super important for people to recognize that healthy eating is attainable even when living on a budget! Juice on and let me know what you’ve been reading this week.

CNN Health: Healthy Eating Costs You $1.50 More A Day
This study found that healthy eating only costs you $1.50 more per day. I hear from hundreds of people a day who tell me they would eat healthy if it was affordable. This article helps you realize it’s attainable.
Eat Local Grown: What to Eat When You’re Broke
Another great article that goes into detail about how to eat healthy when you are on a tight budget.
Daily Mail: Eating More Fruits & Veggies Helps Make a Person More Attractive
If you need another reason to fill your body with the power of plants, here you go! They’ve been proven to make you more attractive!
HuffPo: Beyonce & Jay-Z Go Vegan for 22 Days
One of the most popular celebrity couples are going vegan for 22 days. I wonder if they will go for longer like so many Rebooters do?!

Joe’s Juice Box – November 22, 2013

MindBodyGreen: 7 Common Misconceptions about Juicing
Naturally, this is one of my favorite articles this week. I often hear concerns about juicing but I try to tell people, give it a try. If it makes you feel good, then why not make it a part of your daily regimen?

Food Matters: Are You Eating Beaver Butt Without Even Knowing It?
This title alone caught my eye! It’s scary stuff people. Make your own food so you know exactly what goes into your food, which means you know exactly what’s going into your body.

New York Times: Crayons Down. Now Dig Into That Healthful Parfait
Reading this article put a huge smile on my face. If we can get children excited about eating healthy early in their lives, then the chance of them becoming obese is much smaller. Juice on kids!

Eat Local Grown: 8 Foods Even the Experts Won’t Eat
Here are a few tips we should all follow! Food scientists shed light on simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health. Experts from different areas of specialty explain why they won’t eat these eight foods.

Dr. Frank Lipman: Thanksgiving Holiday Round Up – Dairy & Gluten Free
My friends in the US are getting ready for Thanksgiving celebrations next week. It can typically be a super unhealthy meal, but it doesn’t have to be. This article offers healthier options to lighten the load.

Joe’s Juice Box: November 15, 2013

Have a look at what I’ve been reading around the web this week! I think my favorite is the article about the Russian Subway Squats! Juice on and let me know what you’ve been reading this week.

WSJ: Some Food Companies Ditch ‘Natural’ Label
I was wondering when this was going to happen. I can never understand why I see so many processed foods that are labeled as “natural.” Natural means from nature and most of those, if not all, are not.

Take Part: Soda Linked to yet another Health Problem
Here’s more news on the effects of drinking soda. Can you believe I used to drink four of these a day?
Mashable: Russian Subway Squats
Now this is what I’m talking about! What a way to motivate folks to get their heart rate up. Think this will start a trend worldwide? Maybe in our wildest dreams!
Food Matters: Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry
I really like this article because it breaks down the process for the most common processed foods. And it’s not pretty.
Prevention: Philadelphia Goes Meatless on Monday
It makes me happy to see that even the cheesesteak capital of the world is starting to participate in Meatless Monday.

Joe’s Juice Box – November 1, 2013

Check out these articles I’ve been reading this week! What have you been reading? I’d love for you to share it with me. I don’t want to miss anything good!

MindBodyGreen: How to Eat out While Cleansing
I love this article because it shares a plan for you to follow when you eat out while you’re on a Reboot. Yes, of course you can always bring your juice to dinner, but this offers ways to not isolate yourself if you decide you want to eat out with your friends and family.
Kris Carr: Sugar Chart
If you want to learn a thing or two about sugar, you have to check out this chart. It shows you what foods have the highest glycemic index which is something that is often ignored, but shouldn’t be!

NY Times: A Fat Dad Halloween
You may not learn a lot from this article (besides the healthy dessert recipe), but I found it to be really relatable. The Dad was the old me — looking for candy to binge on – while the daughter represents a good mindset to try to obtain — Halloween isn’t just about candy, it’s about having fun with your friends, dressing up, decorating, etc.

Natural News: Walnut Oil Proven to Be Effective against Type 2 Diabetes

November kicks off Diabetes Awareness Month. I know many of the Reboot community who come to our site with diabetes (and many are able to beat it with a Reboot and lifestyle change!), but I thought it was interesting to learn that walnut oil helps fight it too. Did you know that?
5 Powerful Reasons To Eat A Plant-Based Diet: A Cardiologist Explains
Love reading more reasons why eating a plant-based diet is good for you! And this includes statistics based on a study conducted over six years.  Pretty cool.

Joe’s Juice Box – October 25, 2013

Check out my favorite articles from the web this week! It’s hard to narrow it down but I would love to know if you read anything interesting, so I can make sure I don’t miss anything! Share it with me in the comments below.

Mind Body Green: 10 Scary-Looking Foods That Are Actually Great for You
I couldn’t believe green juice wasn’t on this list, because people are always telling me how green juice looks like pond scum! So, in the spirit of Halloween, here are ten other scary-looking foods that are super good for you.
6 Healthy Highs That Don’t Involve Drugs or Alcohol
So many people rely on drugs and alcohol to keep them “happy” but this article goes to show that you don’t need other substances for “happiness.” These are fantastic suggestions to keep you smiling, without adding anything to your body.
NY Times: After a Stroke, Running a Half Marathon
I read this story and couldn’t help but be inspired. It reminds me of so many people in the Reboot community who are faced with mountains to climb and find it in themselves to fight through obstacles. Good on ya mate!

Music Radar: Steve Barney’s Juicing and Health Tips
My new friend, Steve Barney, in the UK welcomed me to an event in Liverpool with more than 150 people. It was really incredible to welcome there with such open-arms with so many people eager to learn about the power of juicing. Here is a write-up on the event from Steve’s blog.

Dr. Frank Lipman: 10 Tips to Calm Down and Relax in Less Than a Minute Flat
The holidays are coming up and that means cortisol levels start to rise. People are busy, stressed and also tend to get sick because they never take a minute to stop and breathe. This article provides simple tips that help you de-stress and most importantly, breathe.

Joe’s Juice Box – October 11, 2013

Here are the top links I found to be interesting around the web this week! Did you read anything interesting? Share it with me in the comments below.

Natural News: David Wolfe Discusses Cellular Relief That Comes with Raw Food Diet
I’m not a raw foodie but I thought this interview with David Wolfe was pretty cool because he talks about the  power of a Raw Food Diet, which is similar to what you experience when you are on a juice only Reboot!
Mind Body Green: Why You Probably Don’t Need a Flu Shot
This time of year everyone is talking about getting their flu shot. I have never had a flu shot in my life, and guess  what? I can count on my left hand the amount of times I’ve had the flu in my 47 years. The choice is up to you of course because some people believe in it, but I found this article to be quite interesting.
The Atlantic Wire: Three Grossest Sentences You’ll Read about Chicken Nuggets
All I have to say about this; if you are someone who enjoys chicken nuggets, don’t read this!
Infographic List: A Sip of Soda: How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health
I guess I have fast food on the brain because even though this infographic is a little old, I love how it shows you  exactly how soda can impact your health. And not in a good way.
Dr. Frank Lipman: Eat the Rainbow – Lots of Good Reasons to Eat the Full Color Spectrum
You’ve probably heard me say this once, twice, maybe ever three times, if not more…”Eat a rainbow every day!”  Dr. Frank Lipman breaks down the nutritional benefits we consume from each color family when we eat the  rainbow.

Juice on and have a great weekend!

Joe’s Juice Box

This is my weekly chance to catch up on the proverbial soapbox and share musing and interesting links from around the web. Check out what’s up this week! If you read something interesting, please share it with me in the comments below.
Kim Snyder: 6 Secrets Your Supermarket Doesn’t Want You to Know
Kim Snyder will make you think twice before you make your next trip to the supermarket. This stuff will shock you!
Well and Good NYC: Are You Vegan or Plant-Based?
Love this article because while I am not vegan, I am a plant-based eater. There’s a difference!

 Food Matters: 5 Common Gum Ingredients that May Cause Cancer
I see so many people chewing gum and I always wonder if they actually know what they are chewing on. This article helps explain, that even though you are not swallowing it, it can still do damage to your insides!
Mind Body Green:  How to Eat Dessert Every Day and Still feel Great
This title alone caught my eye. While I don’t eat dessert every day, I definitely enjoy it on occasion. It’s important to treat yourself every once in a while! Check out our Smart Sweets for inspiration.
Take Part: How Junk Food Marketers Target Our Kids
I encourage  eating a rainbow every day, but what I need to be clear on is I don’t mean the rainbow colors on cereal boxes, candy shelves, and fruit roll ups! This article  shares how marketers know what they are doing when it comes to targeting kids.

Joe’s Juice Box – June 7, 2013

This is my chance to get up on the proverbial soapbox and share musing and interesting links from around the web. What’s up this month:

1.) I am not 100% vegetarian (and like I said in my last Juice Box, why do we need a title?) but I eat mostly plant-based foods. Whether it’s in the form of juices, a healthy salad, soup, or nuts and seeds, that’s what you can mostly find on my plate or in my cup.  So I was happy to read this article on Bloomberg News that says “Men Who Eat Vegetarian Diet Live Longer, Study Finds”. Read the article and share this with your Dad as a Father’s Day gift to get him eating more plant-based foods:

2.) And if you can’t get your Dad eating his fruits and veggies, then convince him to juice them (and that’s not just for your Dad, that’s for everyone!). Cardiologist, Joel Kahn, attended a seminar where I spoke about the power of juicing and he was definitely convinced. Read his article that supports my theory that juicing works:

3.) We probably all can remember a time where we were told to never go to the grocery store hungry. It makes sense. But now it’s a fact. My friend, Brian Wansink, PhD who also wrote the book Mindless Eating conducted a study that gives actual evidence that we should never go shopping for groceries on an empty stomach. Read about it in the New York Times:

4.) Here’s another simple healthy eating tip you’ve likely heard before: cook your own meals! Seems pretty simple right? Well in this article, Mark Bittman looks at Michael Pollan’s in depth analysis on why we should cook. When you cook, you choose the ingredients “and you’re going to use higher-quality ingredients than whoever’s making your home-meal replacement. You’re not going to use additives. So the quality of the food will automatically be better.” Read the full article:

5.) My good friends over at Clean Plates had an interesting article on their site about canola oil. Canola oil is included in some of the older recipes on, but as we learn more about it we now recommend cooking with coconut oil. We also use olive oil sometimes but coconut oil is best because it has a high smoke point, which is what you want because as soon as it starts to smoke it becomes carcinogenic. In fact, canola oil actually has a high smoke point too, but for all the wrong reasons. Get the facts: Receive more news like this from Clean Plates by signing up for their newsletter.

Read or watch anything interesting lately? Let me know via the comments box.

Juice on!


Joe’s Juice Box – March 8, 2013

Joe's Juice Box
This is my chance to get up on the proverbial soapbox and share musing and interesting links from around the web. What’s up this week:

  1. My friend and nutritional expert, Alex Jamieson, who is also featured in an upcoming episode from The Joe Show, recently confessed to her community that after 13 years, she is no longer vegan: I’m a strong believer that our lifestyles and our diets do not need to be determined by a specific title – vegan, vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian. Don’t label yourself, don’t make it all-or-nothing. Find a diet that works for you. Everything in moderation along with lots of fruits and veggies. Good on ya Alex!
  2. And speaking of finding a diet that works for you, Mark Bittman is featured in Outside Magazine discussing why he decided to go vegan until dinner time. It’s a great article where he questions: How do you get people to turn the way they eat upside down, so that the majority of daily calories come from fruits and vegetables? How do we return to the notion that meat, fish, poultry, cheese, and dairy should be designated as occasional treats, not staples? Check out his plan here:
  3. NYC-based Well and Good features interesting articles on a daily basis and last week the one on HPP juices caught my eye.  HPP is a way of pasteurizing juice so the bacteria are killed but not all the good enzymes. (Reboot Your Life Juices in Australia are HPP.) Some in the juice world say fresh juice is the only options, others advocate for HPP.  Of course fresh juice is best. But if you don’t have time to juice or are not conveniently located next to a juice bar, you can have store bought HPP juice.
  4. This is a scary one! Flame Retardant in your Mountain Dew? Drinking a soda? Check the ingredient list and then check out this article “Dear Clean Plates What is Brominated Vegetable Oil” for another reason to choose juice over soft drinks.
  5. If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat their veggies, well good news. Australian scientists have discovered one new trick — cook veggies the way kids like them best. It turns out they are just like Goldilocks — they like them just right. That means not too mushy and not too crunchy. Check out my article on Huffington Post to help you get your kids eating just right:
  6. Does drinking wine seven nights a week sound enticing to you? Well the New York Times featured research that found 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even drink wine with meals.
  7. Going gluten-free is all the rage these days, and for obvious reasons, but why is it so much more prominent now than it was 50 years ago? This New York Times article breaks it down for you:

Read or watch anything interesting lately? Let me know via the comments box.

Juice on!