Joe’s Juice Box – June 7, 2013

This is my chance to get up on the proverbial soapbox and share musing and interesting links from around the web. What’s up this month:

1.) I am not 100% vegetarian (and like I said in my last Juice Box, why do we need a title?) but I eat mostly plant-based foods. Whether it’s in the form of juices, a healthy salad, soup, or nuts and seeds, that’s what you can mostly find on my plate or in my cup.  So I was happy to read this article on Bloomberg News that says “Men Who Eat Vegetarian Diet Live Longer, Study Finds”. Read the article and share this with your Dad as a Father’s Day gift to get him eating more plant-based foods:

2.) And if you can’t get your Dad eating his fruits and veggies, then convince him to juice them (and that’s not just for your Dad, that’s for everyone!). Cardiologist, Joel Kahn, attended a seminar where I spoke about the power of juicing and he was definitely convinced. Read his article that supports my theory that juicing works:

3.) We probably all can remember a time where we were told to never go to the grocery store hungry. It makes sense. But now it’s a fact. My friend, Brian Wansink, PhD who also wrote the book Mindless Eating conducted a study that gives actual evidence that we should never go shopping for groceries on an empty stomach. Read about it in the New York Times:

4.) Here’s another simple healthy eating tip you’ve likely heard before: cook your own meals! Seems pretty simple right? Well in this article, Mark Bittman looks at Michael Pollan’s in depth analysis on why we should cook. When you cook, you choose the ingredients “and you’re going to use higher-quality ingredients than whoever’s making your home-meal replacement. You’re not going to use additives. So the quality of the food will automatically be better.” Read the full article:

5.) My good friends over at Clean Plates had an interesting article on their site about canola oil. Canola oil is included in some of the older recipes on www.rebootwithjoe.com, but as we learn more about it we now recommend cooking with coconut oil. We also use olive oil sometimes but coconut oil is best because it has a high smoke point, which is what you want because as soon as it starts to smoke it becomes carcinogenic. In fact, canola oil actually has a high smoke point too, but for all the wrong reasons. Get the facts: https://national.cleanplates.com/health-nutrition/is-canola-oil-healthy/#.UbIdYPmkqtY. Receive more news like this from Clean Plates by signing up for their newsletter.

Read or watch anything interesting lately? Let me know via the comments box.

Juice on!