Joe’s Juice Box – October 25, 2013

Check out my favorite articles from the web this week! It’s hard to narrow it down but I would love to know if you read anything interesting, so I can make sure I don’t miss anything! Share it with me in the comments below.

Mind Body Green: 10 Scary-Looking Foods That Are Actually Great for You
I couldn’t believe green juice wasn’t on this list, because people are always telling me how green juice looks like pond scum! So, in the spirit of Halloween, here are ten other scary-looking foods that are super good for you.
6 Healthy Highs That Don’t Involve Drugs or Alcohol
So many people rely on drugs and alcohol to keep them “happy” but this article goes to show that you don’t need other substances for “happiness.” These are fantastic suggestions to keep you smiling, without adding anything to your body.
NY Times: After a Stroke, Running a Half Marathon
I read this story and couldn’t help but be inspired. It reminds me of so many people in the Reboot community who are faced with mountains to climb and find it in themselves to fight through obstacles. Good on ya mate!

Music Radar: Steve Barney’s Juicing and Health Tips
My new friend, Steve Barney, in the UK welcomed me to an event in Liverpool with more than 150 people. It was really incredible to welcome there with such open-arms with so many people eager to learn about the power of juicing. Here is a write-up on the event from Steve’s blog.

Dr. Frank Lipman: 10 Tips to Calm Down and Relax in Less Than a Minute Flat
The holidays are coming up and that means cortisol levels start to rise. People are busy, stressed and also tend to get sick because they never take a minute to stop and breathe. This article provides simple tips that help you de-stress and most importantly, breathe.