Joe’s Juice Box: November 15, 2013

Have a look at what I’ve been reading around the web this week! I think my favorite is the article about the Russian Subway Squats! Juice on and let me know what you’ve been reading this week.

WSJ: Some Food Companies Ditch ‘Natural’ Label
I was wondering when this was going to happen. I can never understand why I see so many processed foods that are labeled as “natural.” Natural means from nature and most of those, if not all, are not.

Take Part: Soda Linked to yet another Health Problem
Here’s more news on the effects of drinking soda. Can you believe I used to drink four of these a day?
Mashable: Russian Subway Squats
Now this is what I’m talking about! What a way to motivate folks to get their heart rate up. Think this will start a trend worldwide? Maybe in our wildest dreams!
Food Matters: Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry
I really like this article because it breaks down the process for the most common processed foods. And it’s not pretty.
Prevention: Philadelphia Goes Meatless on Monday
It makes me happy to see that even the cheesesteak capital of the world is starting to participate in Meatless Monday.