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6 Reasons to Shop Your Local Farmers Market

You'll find colorful, fresh produce, a lovely atmosphere and reasonable prices.

An Anti-Inflammatory Matcha Tea Face Mask

Whether you sip your matcha tea or apply it liberally to your face, your body and skin will thank you!

A Sleep-Boosting Iced Cherry-Chamomile Tea

Try this relaxing herbed iced tea to boost your sleep tonight.

7 Powerful Brain Foods

Make these foods part of your diet to help keep your brain healthy!

4 Easy Ways to Reduce the Amount of Sugar You Consume

What steps can you take to help reduce the amount of sugar you consume? Discover simple steps — and see why cutting sugar can help you feel healthier and lose weight.

Dairy-Free Hazelnut-Chocolate Bark Recipe

Bring this dairy-free, creamy and light chocolate along to a party, or enjoy a small portion on your own.

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad

This healthy version of a traditional Caesar salad is an easy, delicious way to eat your greens.

3 Ways Sugar Affects Our Health

Discover three big ways sugar harms your health.

What Happens When You Do a 60-Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid?

Hear from the people who know best: Guided Reboot for Thyroid participants share their success stories.

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