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Joe Cross Is Going On Tour For The Kids Menu!

With Joe Cross' new film, "The Kids Menu" releasing on February 12, he's hitting the road again to bring it to a town near you! Get the full schedule.

10 Home Remedies That Fight A Cold

Cold season is here and instead of turning to those antibiotics as soon as the sniffles hit, consider these highly effective home remedies that may have you feeling better in no time (medicine-free).

Your Game Day Recipe Roundup

Think outside of the box (or better yet, the bowl) this year and celebrate the Super Bowl with a these Reboot-favorite healthy party foods.

A Turmeric Paste That Goes With Everything

With a scoop of your teaspoon, you're able to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of this wonderful spice by adding it to any food or drink on a daily basis. It's that good!

The Truth About Cholesterol

If you've been trained to believe that dietary cholesterol is bad for blood cholesterol, it may time to rethink that statement. Our nutritionists explains.

10 Surprising Anti-Inflammatory Foods

You may be getting more anti-inflammatory foods than you think once you discover that these 10 common kitchen staples are loaded with the beneficial compounds we all want more of!

Paleo Coconut Banana Bread (‘Nuff Said)

Get your carb fix without overdoing it with white processed bread. This healthy paleo banana bread is loaded with healthy ingredients that will satisfy without the sin.

24 Minute ‘No-Equipment’ Total Body Workout

When it comes to getting in a workout, there really are no excuses to spend less than 25 minutes completing this circuit with zero gym membership needed. Go ahead and try it!

Should Chocolate Milk Be Served In Schools?

You do your best to keep your kids healthy at home, but what happens when they go to school? The chocolate milk debate lives on and there's a big reason why.

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