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Watermelon-Basil Agua Fresca

Perhaps you are like me and you had a bumper crop of basil this year (and are tired of making pesto to use it all up!). Or you are looking for a refreshing drink to make the summer linger even as autumn moves in. Look no further than this watermelon-basil agua fresca!

3 Ways Fruits & Veggies Lose Nutrients

One of the most common questions that I am asked by Rebooters is how quickly juices, salads, smoothies and other fresh produce-containing foods need to be consumed to reap the most nutritional benefit. In short, it’s always best to consume any juices, smoothies, salads, or cut fruits and vegetables as soon as possible. But there’s more…

Refresh Your Workout (A Juice Recipe!)

This mighty juice has a zesty yet refreshing flavor and is packed with easy-to-find ingredients that you may already have on hand. I used this juice as a post-run nutrient-packed recovery juice this weekend. Although it’s getting chillier up here in the northeast, a good workout will still give you a good sweat and that means lost electrolytes, but this juice replenishes you!

A Healthy Dinner for Under $1

Looking for an easy and inexpensive meal the family will love? This recipe is your answer! It includes pulp from your favorite veggie juices, quinoa and beans that add a ton of protein and fiber, and it makes a large dish so you’ll have leftovers all week long.

A Juice for Your Evening Stroll

I love going for walks with my family after dinner especially in the crisp, cool fall evenings. Filled with some of the best fall produce, this juice is great for an easy stroll if you’re needing something sweet after dinner.

Low Carb or Low Fat?

A recent study published earlier this month has spurred a lot of talk about low carb diets. Let’s take a look at the findings and find out what it means for you.

11 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Even though many people spend tons of money on cosmetic treatments and expensive skin creams, skin health is largely about what you eat and drink! No amount of treatments, scrubs, serums and creams can hide a bad diet. Enjoy these 11 foods to help that skin glow.

Power Packed Arugula, Mango & Cashew Salad

The more colorful your salad, the better! Make this power-packed salad for a well-balanced meal with tons of plant-based phytonutrients and a dose of healthy fats from the cashews and almonds. Enjoy this amazing yet simple recipe.

The Evolution of Medicine Summit Starts Today (It’s Free!)

I was honored to be asked to share my experience of what I learned about taking control of my health in the FREE, online Evolution of Medicine summit that begins today. It will shine a light on the work of people I consider to be true health revolutionaries — Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the Foodbabe (Vani Hari) and so many more. Sign up today for free.

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