Why It’s So Important to Stay Hydrated — and How to Drink More

Without plenty of water, your body simply cannot function properly. It’s more than feeling thirsty, or potentially getting dehydrated, drinking water also delivers the following benefits:

•  Supports weight loss efforts

•  Halts headaches

•  Helps your skin look nourished

•  Keeps your digestion going

Explore more of the benefits of drinking water.

Even with all these reasons to drink water, so many of us still fall short. Try these strategies to consume more water all day long:

Get a water bottle you love. Carry it with you everywhere you go so that it’s always within reach.

Add bubbles. If you find that regular water is a bit dull, try having club soda.

Set reminders. Use your smartwatch or smartphone to set up reminders — when the buzz goes off, take time to swig a glass of water.

Infuse it. Another way to liven up your water is to add fruits, squeeze in citrus, or add sliced cucumber.

Drink when you’re hungry. This may help you feel full, per the American Academy of Family Physicians. Plus, sometimes you think you’re hungry but the wires are crossed, and you’re really just thirsty.

Find a buddy. If you have a friend or family member try making it into a competition to see who can drink the most, the experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest.