Your Game Day Recipe Roundup

Football fans, it’s finally here. The big game, the super bowl, the ultimate competition between the nation’s best football teams. While you gear up for Sunday to watch not only the best game of the year, but also new creative commercials, and of course (and maybe most importantly for some of you) the Coldplay and Beyonce concert, you probably have food on the brain. The Super Bowl always involves parties with really delicious food, but it doesn’t need to only be filled with cheesy nachos, pulled pork sliders and pigs-in-a-blanket. Think outside of the box, or better yet, the bowl, this year and think about celebrating with a few healthier options too. To help you get your plans underway, here’s a list of Reboot-favorite healthy party foods.


Easy Guacamole

It’s always so sad to see someone serving store-bought guacamole when it only takes minutes to whip up this creamy treat.
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Kale Pesto Bean Dip

Love pesto and a fan of dips? Well, you’re welcome.
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crackers and dip
Cheezy Onion Crackers with Bean Dip

Skip the bagged and processed stuff and try this delicious recipe for homemade crackers and dip.
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Cashew Cream And Dill Dip With Crispy Fruit And Veggie Chips

Make your own dill cashew cream sauce with dried fruit and veggie chips and you have yourself a perfect crunchy snack.
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Chili Roasted Beet Chips

This may be pushing it, but it looks like there’s some hints of blue and orange in these for the Broncos!
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Brussels Sprouts Chips

I know what you’re thinking (Ew, gross!). But mark my word, these are the next kale chip.
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Honey Mustard Kale Chips

Speaking of kale chips, these honey mustard ones are still some of the best.
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Roasted chickpeas
Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Spice things up by placing this crunchy, salty snack into a bowl instead of a typical salted nut mix.
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Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Wings’

Wings are another football game staple, but if you’ve never made this plant-based wing recipe, well I have to say you’re missing out.
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Stuffed Mushrooms with Cashew Cream

Vegan, gluten and dairy-free, these button-sized gems make it easy to enjoy your game with tons of flavor.
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Something Sweet

Cream-Filled Chocolate Cookies

After so much salty, there’s always room for something sweet. Impress your guests with these healthy Oreo-like raw cookies and dip them into some homemade almond milk.
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