“I was poisoned with medication!”

“I was depressed and the medication I was taking made me gain so much weight. I was poisoned with medication! I was crazy looking for the solution. I went through several diets to lose weight without results. I did not understand what was happening, then my endocrine told me that I was intoxicated by drugs for depression and that it was a matter of time, she told me not to do diets, so I must wait. I commented to a friend and he told me about FSND.” Read Jeannette’s full story of transformation.

Jerry Transforms His Life after Two Reboots to become an Energetic Dad

Jerry S. watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead after seeing a picture of himself at his highest weight and most unhappiest. It was an eye opener. He made a decision to get healthy for himself, his wife and his kids. He wanted to be the energetic dad, not someone who sits on the couch and watches the kids from the sidelines. Read his full story.

Michael M. Sees Food Differently after his 60 Day Reboot

Name: Michael M. Location:  Columbus, IN Reboot: 60 Day Reboot Health Improvements: Blood pressure: 95/78; glucose level: 90 mg/dl; cholesterol 109 mg/dl.  Weight loss: 60 lbs; no more knee and feet pain; no longer snores What inspired you to do a Reboot? For months I had been feeling bad about my physical condition and the […]

Sherri M. Changes Her Relationship with Food and Finds the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in Her Juicer

Name – Sherri M. Age – 45 Location – Kansas City, MO Reboot – The 15 Day Classic Reboot Health Improvements – Lost 11 lbs. during the 15 day Reboot and a total of 14 lbs. in the first month; total cholesterol numbers went from 191 (on medication) to 154; physician agreed to a trial […]

Gallstones: What? Why? and Ways to Reduce Incidence

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ that stores and concentrates the bile that is produced by the liver, which increases its (bile’s) potency and intensifies its effect on fat digestion. When food containing fat enters the digestive tract, it stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin (CCK) which then stimulates the gallbladder to release bile into […]