Michael M. Sees Food Differently after his 60 Day Reboot

Name: Michael M.
Location:  Columbus, IN
Reboot: 60 Day Reboot
Health Improvements: Blood pressure: 95/78; glucose level: 90 mg/dl; cholesterol 109 mg/dl.  Weight loss: 60 lbs; no more knee and feet pain; no longer snores

What inspired you to do a Reboot?

For months I had been feeling bad about my physical condition and the extra weight I was carrying.  I was not sick nor did I have any medical problems because of my weight, but I felt constantly tired, my knees and feet hurt, I was miserable and it showed. When I saw my friend Cheryl at our church during her 60 Day Reboot and her husband during his 15 Day Reboot and the effect it had on them, I knew I needed to check into this juice fast.

What were you hoping to accomplish?

I certainly knew I needed to lose weight, but more than that, I needed a “reboot” of my brain.  I needed to see food differently.  I needed to change my whole attitude about food.  I needed to “eat to live rather than live to eat.”  In doing so I knew if successful, I would feel better and improve my physical condition.

What kept you motivated?

The first week I lost 14 lbs.  The second week is when my belt noticeably needed tightening.  I was beginning to witness outward results of what was going on inside of me.  I ended my Reboot losing an average of one pound per day.  I am getting rid of clothes that I wore 60 days ago but are massive tents on me now.  I need new pants and new belts . . . smaller not bigger.  What a great feeling.  This continues to motivate me to press on after my all juice Reboot.

What was the most difficult part for you and how did you handle it?

The first four days of the Reboot I felt very weak. I had to sit many times during the day because of this weakness.  But I am the type of person that when his mind is made up there is no changing it . . . even if it kills me.  I knew if I didn’t follow through on this fast, I would continue to increase my weight and that would lead to early death.  Therefore, I reasoned that I would rather die trying than die not trying at all.

What are your results?

Blood pressure: 95/78; glucose level: 90 mg/dl; cholesterol 109 mg/dl.  Weight loss: 60 lbs.  My knees don’t hurt, my feet don’t hurt, I don’t snore anymore, my thinking is much more clear, my demeanor is much more calm, I want to exercise, and I want to drink the juice.  I am more active with my family and they love it and my wife keeps shaking her head at the difference all the above had made in me.

What advice would you offer to a man who is considering a 60 day Reboot?

I am having the same results Joe Cross did in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and anyone can if they just put their minds to it and DO IT!  Get others like family and friends involved because they will be a tremendous support.  Also don’t come to the end believing you’ve “Graduated.”  A juicer never graduates.  They just “JUICE ON!”  because they now have a reason to care!

Set yourself a goal of the Reboot to find the root cause of your misery that has put on that weight.  You will truly begin to see through your “minds-eye” with great focus and lucidity to some clear specifics in your life.  It is very freeing.

 How do you plan to keep the weight off?

I know I will gain some weight back right after coming off the juice fast but I also know juicing will never quit for me.  The high impact of nutrients is so good for me and I can feel the difference when I get one to two juices in each day.  High carb foods don’t appeal to me anymore.

I have changed my lifestyle now.  This will help to keep the weight off.  I exercise more because I have more energy. I have committed to lose five pounds a month for a year with a combination of juicing and eating with a few all juice Reboots spaced throughout that time.  I have to continue to train myself to eat to meet my hunger needs and not to eat to meet my appetite.  Conquering the lustful appetite is the key to my victory.

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