After a 60 Day Reboot, Fidencio is 40lbs Lighter with a Brand New Wardrobe

Name:  Fidencio G.
Age: 47
Location: Chicago, IL
Reboot Method: 60 day (juice only)
Health Improvements:  I started at 202lbs and I’m not at 161lbs; lowered cholesterol; lowered triglycerides; more energy; more mental clarity; and a new wardrobe!

How did you learn about Reboot your Life?
I first heard about the movie through a radio host doing a show (Darkness Radio) on something unrelated. After that I watched the movie with my daughter a couple of times before deciding to try it.

What inspired you to Reboot?
In August, I attended my first ever High School reunion with my friend and when I looked at the pictures afterwards I didn’t like what I saw and decided to try the 30 day Reboot first and see what happened. After seeing the results I decided to go for the 60 days and go back to what I used to weigh 19 years ago (I still have my old ID which shows me at 160 pounds).

How did the experience go for you?
At the beginning it was a bit hard with the hunger pains and basically seeing food all around me. Since I don’t drink coffee I didn’t get any headaches like a lot of people are reporting.

This experience inspired me to reach out to my older brother who is also severely overweight, and he has a lot of health issues because of it. I bought him the holiday special package from your site that includes the movie, book and tote bag. Maybe he’ll be next in writing his story once he starts/completes the Reboot.

What health improvements have you seen since your Reboot?
I don’t get tired as often. My energy levels are a lot higher. I went from a size 36 to a size 33 in pants and from large to medium/small in shirts. I got rid of all my old clothing and had to buy new a wardrobe.  One thing I noticed is that my memory has improved! I used to forget names of some coworkers and now it seems to happen less often.

What was the toughest part about the Reboot?
I would say the toughest part was going to the restaurant  with my daughter and sitting across from her watching her enjoy her favorite Mexican dish, chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers), while I just ordered a glass of water.

We also make it a tradition to celebrate each other’s birthday by going out to eat. Since my birthday (10/16) happened during the Reboot I had a dilemma…should I cheat? I decided that we go to the movies instead and celebrate after the Reboot.

What habits have you maintained and kept as part of your everyday life?
I don’t eat fried food anymore. I eat more fruits and vegetables and make turkey, ham sandwiches. I stopped buying/drinking soda and drink mostly water with my meals. I also joined a Health Fitness Club that just opened close to my house. My intentions are to keep fit and the weight off by following a balanced meal diet and exercising regularly.

Here is more info on my improved vital signs:

Vital signs:
I started off at 202 pounds and finished at 161 pounds.
I had a health screening done at work during the summer and my cholesterol levels were high.
I had a blood test done by my doctor right after the Reboot and here are the findings and comparisons:

Workplace health screening (Summer 2012)
Total Cholesterol = 220 (Desirable less than 200 mg/dl)
HDL Cholesterol = 33 (Desirable 60 or higher for men)
LDL Cholesterol = 150 (Near Optimal/Above Optimal 100-129 mg/dl)
Triglycerides = 184 (Normal less than 150 mg/dl)

Doctor’s blood work findings (11/19/2012)
Total Cholesterol = 166
HDL Cholesterol = 51
LDL Cholesterol = 101
Triglycerides = 72