14 Recipes that Turn Health Food Haters into Lovers

For any of you who have decided to change your life and invest in eating well and take good care of yourself, there may be many around you are still largely consuming the basic Standard American or Australian Diet (SAD). This type of diet is generally high in refined foods, processed and packaged meals, lots of conventional produce and not enough fresh healthy produce.

As a society only 30% of people in the U.S. get the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables. It’s a sad fact indeed, because it’s highly correlated to chronic disease and poor health. Even worse for teenagers who are getting sufficiently less than this. When eating in the office, in the lunch room, at parties, dinner get togethers or long lunches it can be a great time to invite others to try lots of delicious meals and snacks that are not only healthy but absolutely delicious!

When dining with your friends and family who do not partake in healthy eating it can pose an opportunity to introduce them to how good healthy food can be. Recently my husband took the raw mint bars to work and his colleagues were shocked to hear what wasn’t in the dessert and what WAS in the dessert. It was a huge hit!

Replacing more vegetables into classic comfort meals is a great place to start while introducing anyone to new and exciting meals for them to enjoy!

All small moments such as these can help others to start to view things slightly differently, with excellent health changes that they may see in you, different outlooks and the introduction to healthy meals that taste delicious, before you know it they will be joining you once that seed is planted.

Here are some of the best meals that even those “health-haters” will enjoy: 

  1. Vegan Tacos with Cashew Cream
  2. Fiesta Stuffed Peppers
  3. Lentil and Butternut Squash Curry
  4. Caramelized Maple Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms
  5. A Gluten-Free Purple Cauliflower Pizza Recipe
  6. Raw Vegan Zucchini & Sun Dried Tomato “Lasagna”

And when it comes to snacking, they will loves these too: 

  1. Raw Turmeric Veggie Flax Crackers {Made from Juice Pulp!}
  2. Cashew Cream Stuffed Mushrooms
  3. The Best Vegan Potato Salad

Ice cream doesn’t have to be a must when you can make these healthy desserts instead:

  1. Raw Mint Chocolate Bars
  2. Paleo Blueberry Scones
  3. No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bites
  4. Vegan Chocolate Freezer Fudge
  5. Vegan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

It is a lot of fun to turn all those classic comfort foods into healthier options and it’s great to share these healthier foods with the people you love, it’s a great topic to discuss, new sensations and ideas can come from sharing your very own food and health adventures.