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Down 85 Pounds, Martin Now Inspires 7 People a Week to Start A Reboot

“I was laying in bed late one night, my breathing was laboured, I was on statins, blood pressure tablets gout tablets, taking kelp for an underactive thyroid and anti depressants. I was now desperate to change, but couldn’t find the strength to do so. Then on Netflix I stumbled across Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I was hooked. Seeing how Joe and Phil lost so much weight, I was desperate to try it. There was one issue though. I hated vegetables, and wasn’t keen on fruit either. Still I had to try it.” Read Martin’s amazing story.

How I Regained My Inner Superman After A Sedentary Desk Job Destroyed It

I tried a couple of things with limited results…I kept slipping right back into my old comfort zone after losing a few kilos. One June evening a friend said he had a documentary that I absolutely must watch, he said the moment he saw it he just thought of me (the similarities were that I was once an avid sportsman and I also used to often go through 2 pizzas. …not slices whole pizzas just as Joe mentioned). I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and immediately I knew what I had to do.

Four Belts in One Year, From XXL to Medium

“After a month of my juice fast I started running. For my first run I went as far as I possibly could, and then I ran back. I went 6 miles and laid on the floor for an hour afterwards! Not even 6 months after starting my fast on April 31st I started thinking about ways I could mark my 1 year anniversary of being healthy. On April 13th I will be running the London Marathon.” Read Christopher’s full story.

I Learned I Had the Will Power to Lose 182 Pounds

On July 5, 2013 I started my Reboot weighing in at 402 lbs/1852 kg! I combined what Joe did along with my workout regimen and in 60 days I lost 80 lbs/36 kg. I stopped lifting weights and went to all cardio. I would do at least 60 mins of cardio. I started doing 30 mins on the elliptical machine until I worked myself up to an hour. I then moved from elliptical to jogging, to jump-roping, to seated row, to stair stepper to a combo of all of them. I kept going from that point on. I would eat, then juice until I reached whatever goal I had at the moment. On March 10, 2014 my official weigh in was 220 lbs/100 kg for a total of 182 lbs/83 kg lost.

“I was poisoned with medication!”

“I was depressed and the medication I was taking made me gain so much weight. I was poisoned with medication! I was crazy looking for the solution. I went through several diets to lose weight without results. I did not understand what was happening, then my endocrine told me that I was intoxicated by drugs for depression and that it was a matter of time, she told me not to do diets, so I must wait. I commented to a friend and he told me about FSND.” Read Jeannette’s full story of transformation.

Finding the ‘Fabulous Fatties’ Saved My Life

“The most exciting change in my health – besides losing so much weight – is that the night before I began juicing, I injected 105 units of insulin before bed. Three months later, I went off insulin completely. Now, I’m down to 1 Metformin a day instead of 5 and by the end of this Reboot, I’ll be off of it altogether…My lifeline is the community here and I am in contact with my support network daily. No-one ever has to be alone here, and for that, I am forever indebted.” Read more about Kate’s drastic weight loss journey.

100 Pounds Down & Now Buys Clothes off the Rack

“I feel as though juicing was the exact thing that I needed to jump-start my new healthy life. It gave me food discipline and made me become more aware and thoughtful of the food that I was placing into my body. I believe I will always have juicing as a part of my life, it has helped to put me on a path to health and wellness and I think that path would have been much more difficult without juicing.” Reach Richard’s full journey.

3 Ways I Kept Weight off After a Reboot

There is one part in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead that has always stuck with me. It is one of my favorite lines in the movie and I always thought back to it, not only while going through my 30 Day Reboot, but also the rest of the year when I was losing weight and becoming healthy…“I’ve done the crime and now I’ve got to do the time.” Here are 3 ways to keep the weight off after you do the time.

Four Diseases Gone, 45 Pounds Lighter

“I had a blood test just 4 weeks after I started my first Reboot and 7 previously abnormal results were back to normal. I had asthma for around 40 years, high cholesterol, high uric acid and gout. The most remarkable thing is that they have all gone now and I am no longer on any medication. I am hoping that none of them come back but I have every reason to be optimistic. My wife and others keep telling me I look younger so I guess that says something.” Read Andy’s full Reboot Success Story.

How I Melted Away Physical and Mental Weight

“Let me start by saying I have always been aware of health & healthy eating & exercise coming from a vegetarian upbringing right from birth. Over the years though I have struggled with emotional eating & consequently my weight has yo-yoed more than once to various degrees.” Read Karen’s journey to find out how she gained control of her life.

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