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UPDATE: The pre-order promotion ended on May 10, 2016, but the good news is you can now purchase “Juice It to Lose It” from these or any other store:


Get 4 bonus gifts when you pre-order! (This promotion is now over)

It’s all about getting started
How many times have you said, “The diet starts tomorrow,” but you can’t find it in you to hit the green light? We know it’s challenging because you’ve told us – 50% of our fans have had the intention to start a juice cleanse but haven’t been able to get started. “Juice It to Lose It” is the answer. Joe wrote this book to help you leap over those hurdles, overcome anxiety and take it five days at a time, through juice. You’ll see and feel change within your body in just five days which will give you the fuel and motivation you need to make a lifestyle change. Just give us five days and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

“Juice It to Lose It” is perfect if you feel powerless when it comes to controlling your weight. It’s also a great gift for those curious about juicing and how it can help them regain control of their health.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this book, so we’re sweetening the deal if you pre-order in advance of the May 10 release in the US and Canada (April 21 in the UK and Australia) Joe’s offering you some first-time-ever exclusive bonus materials you don’t want to miss!


Bonus Gift #1: Joe Reads the First Two Chapters

Joe has NEVER recorded himself reading his books, but that’s exactly what he’s done just for you! Get a sneak-peak of the book, plus hear Joe’s wisdom on how to overcome the challenges with getting started.


Bonus Gift #2: Exclusive Interview with Joe

Listen to this intimate interview with Joe, hosted by Shane Whaley of Juicing Radio sharing details on what inspired Joe to write this book and how it can help you too


Bonus Gift #3: Handy Greens-substitutions Chart

Perfect for the fridge, we LOVE this new chart, which shows at a glance which greens yield the most juice and which have the most nutrients.

joe pool green juice

Bonus Gift #4: Selfies from Joe

You love Joe’s “selfies” on Instagram and Facebook. For the five days of book-launch week, he’s sending exclusive real-time photos straight to your phone. Watch for lots of silliness and flying green juice! (Note: We’ll need your phone number if you opt for this bonus. US numbers only.)