How Juice Can Help You Bounce Back

It happens way too often. I see clients post-holidays or after traveling and their hard work to stay healthy has gone by the wayside. Pre-holiday they supported their blood sugar with healthy choices to control excess hunger and lose weight, they consumed mostly healthy foods, they exercised regularly and made excellent choices, and then when they get out of that routine, they slip up.

Holidays can send people right back to their old unhealthy habits too quickly. What you do right after the holidays has more of an impact than what you do during the holidays since it’s normally a short period of time. Many people put on a few extra pounds over any holiday period and often do not take it off which is when it can accumulate.

It is helpful to always work on eating well during the holiday period by making excellent choices with a few splurges and indulgences thrown in! Who wants to feel tired and lethargic from unhealthy choices while being on a holiday? No one!

After consuming too many processed foods, candy (lollies), chocolates and festive foods while on holiday, it can contribute to poor choices post-holiday due to:

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased cravings
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Food addictions
  • Altered palate
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Fatigue
  • Healthy routine is lost
  • Emotional eating

So let’s talk about what you can do to support yourself in a positive way to reduce weight gain and unhealthy habits moving forward:

1. Drink More Juice

If you’ve ever done a Reboot or a Guided Reboot, then you know what I’m talking about. Drinking juice can help you recharge, reset and regain your health. It can help to rehabilitate the appetite back to what it truly needs and helps to form the right cravings for colorful nutrient-rich foods. Increasing your energy and vitality will help to get you back on track fast. Drinking juice also helps to:

  • helps to control appetite
  • supports increased energy levels
  • reminds the body what it truly needs
  • helps to reduce unhealthy cravings
  • supports a healthy digestive tract post overindulgences
  • Increases cravings for the right foods
  • Improves the complexion
  • Improves blood sugar control particularly with low sugar juices
  • Gets you back into a healthy routineAnd it doesn’t stop there. Here’s more information on the benefits of juicing:
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    7 (More) Benefits of Juicing

If you’re ready to feel those benefits, don’t miss our next Guided Reboot Program. Learn more about our popular weight loss program.

2. Add Herbs to Your Juice

Using herbs and spices in your juices can help to balance your blood sugar levels and cravings. Some of the best herbs and spices to include in a juice recipe are ginger, turmeric, cayenne, grapefruit, lemon and cinnamon.

3. Find Your Routine Again

Make a list of the things you want to commit to daily and make it happen post-holiday. Exercise for 20 minutes, drink a juice every day, make a fresh salad at lunch and consume a healthy homemade dinner. Incorporating a few healthy guidelines makes it more possible to get back on track.

4. Cut the Junk

The unfortunate thing about processed foods is that they stimulate cravings more. Knowing that reducing processed foods will reduce your desire for more certainly can help the motivation. So reach for a juice no matter what craving comes up and it’s likely you’ll feel satisfied.

5. Exercise (Under 20 minutes!) 

Often exercise gets over looked while celebrating with friends and family but you don’t need to workout for hours to reap the benefits. Get back into a healthy exercise routine to reduce cravings, support a healthy regulated appetite and support efficient energy levels. Try our No Excuses 14 Minute Workout to get things going! Beet juice is excellent to support your workout regimen.

6. Drink More Liquids in General

Whilst busy celebrating you may have let your hydration habits drop, so keeping up with your water, more juices and other healthy fluids like coconut water can be a good way to get back on track. Hydration supports healthy energy levels, reduces cravings, and improves your complexion and good health. Learn more on the health benefits of more water!

Enjoy feeling better in no time!