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Your Game Day Recipe Roundup

Think outside of the box (or better yet, the bowl) this year and celebrate the Super Bowl with a these Reboot-favorite healthy party foods.

The Truth About Cholesterol

If you've been trained to believe that dietary cholesterol is bad for blood cholesterol, it may time to rethink that statement. Our nutritionists explains.

10 Surprising Anti-Inflammatory Foods

You may be getting more anti-inflammatory foods than you think once you discover that these 10 common kitchen staples are loaded with the beneficial compounds we all want more of!

Should Chocolate Milk Be Served In Schools?

You do your best to keep your kids healthy at home, but what happens when they go to school? The chocolate milk debate lives on and there's a big reason why.

8 Reasons Gluten Sensitivity Is on the Rise

Gluten is becoming one of the most unpopular food products, and it might be more than a presumed fad. Here are 8 reasons gluten sensitivity may be on the rise and why gluten-free foods are taking the spotlight.

Your How-To Guide for Reading Nutrition Labels

When you find yourself wondering what packed food is the best, how do you navigate the right choice? Find out how to properly read labels to ensure that you choose the healthiest product available on your next grocery trip.

How to Stock Your Kitchen in 2016

One of the most important tips to having a healthy year is to keep your kitchen fully stocked with the best pantry staples, produce and simple salad ingredients. Here are 53 foods that will make your kitchen a goldmine of health.

The Top 15 Recipes from 2015

We added hundreds of amazing recipes to our site this past year, but these favorite 15 take the cake...or the juice.

Don’t Let Guilt Be A Part of Your Holiday

When the family dinners come up, it is important to consume healthy where possible, but guess what? It's also okay to relax a little during the holidays and enjoy indulgences too. Here's why you shouldn't feel guilty.

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