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How to Bounce Back After A Binge

Ate too much? Don't worry. There are simple steps you can take to get right back on your healthy eating wagon. Here are the best tips from Reboot nutritionists.

Your Guide to A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

If gluten is a problem for you or your loved ones, it's still possible to have a delicious holiday meal. Enjoy these mouthwatering solutions for a gluten-free dinner.

17 Simple Swaps for a Healthy Holiday

You can get through the holidays without feeling like you’ve just wrecked your health for the year. To help you have fun and stay healthy this holiday season, here are some simple swaps to try.

How Mindfulness Can Impact Weight Loss

We all know that eating a healthy diet and exercising can help us maintain a healthy weight, but how we eat and our current state of mind can also have a huge impact. Here’s how being mindful may help you lose weight.

Does ‘Everything in Moderation’ Really Work?

When it comes to consuming unhealthy foods and partaking in unhealthy choices, ‘everything in moderation’ is believed to be the key to weight loss success. But is it really true?

Sugar Shock: Juicing with Diabetes

It's a common belief to think that most store-bought juice and type 2 diabetes don’t go well together. But what about the fresh juice you make in your juicer? Let's take a closer look.

The Best Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

We all know that we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but when it comes to weight loss are all fruits and vegetables created equal?

What to Eat for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes do a lot so treat them with the utmost respect by consuming more of these powerful nutrients. You'll see them transform into a healthier version, right in front of your...eyes.

5 (More) Foods to Never Eat

While these items might be categorized as foods, they aren't doing anything positive for your health. Here are 5 foods you should do your best to avoid. Sure, they are convenient, but at what price?

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