Salad Recipes

3-Ingredient Raw Brussels Sprouts and Apple Salad

You love roasted brussels sprouts, but there's a new brussels sprout in town that will steal your heart. Meet RAW brussels sprouts. You'll be surprised at how delicious they taste in this simple salad!

Beet & Red Cabbage Slaw with Garlic Aioli

A delicious slaw can add a special, mouthwatering touch to any meal, especially when it's combined with a homemade roasted garlic aioli. You'll love this!

Spicy Moroccan Cauliflower Salad

Add some spice into your salad routine with this vibrant Spicy Moroccan Salad. It captures all of the beautiful colors from a variety of Mother Nature's produce.

Fast & Easy Sweet Potato Avocado Salad

A filling plant-based dinner doesn't have to take hours. Spend less than 20 minutes whipping up this hearty, drool-worthy, vegan salad recipe.

Arugula Strawberry Salad with Divine Green Dressing

A creamy avocado-based dressing can turn any salad into a work of art, especially when you toss it with this combination of perfectly picked ingredients. Go ahead and create this masterpiece in your kitchen.

Chopped Broccoli Salad with Roasted Garlic Aioli

It's time to take your salad making to the next level! With this chopped broccoli salad combined with a creamy vegan aioli dressing, you'll make a salad-lover out of everyone.

Fast & Easy Leftover Veggie Salad

When your fridge is filled with leftovers, make the most of it by making this healthy salad that takes less than 10 minutes.

Roasted Pumpkin & Beet Salad

Pumpkin is for more than just carving and decorating your home in the fall. As one of this season’s top health foods, it's time to start eating it too!

BBQ Cauliflower Salad with “Ranch” Dressing

You never knew cauliflower could be this good until you try this salad made with homemade barbecue sauce and a cashew-based ranch dressing.

Warm Apple-Cinnamon Salad

Roasted root vegetables and apples are perfect on a bed of spinach and arugula in this perfect late-summer salad.

Make a Perfectly Complete Salad

Hone your salad-making skills with this easy template for a perfectly balanced, simple salad.

Mushroom and Tomato Salad

Try this 10-minute salad for a quick lunch or satisfying snack with mushrooms and tomatoes.