Reboot Profiles

Tired of Being Fat, 20 Year OId Barry J. Takes Control of His Life for Good

I wanted to change my life because I was tired of being fat. I had been fat since birth. I wanted to feel fit and healthy.

At 30 Years Old Nina Completes a 30 Day Reboot and Loses 30 Lbs.

This has been an AWESOME experience and now I have lots of people juicing at the hospital I work at and my friends & family too!

Brian R. Loses Half of His Body Mass and His MS is the Best It’s Been in Years

I run every day and eat healthy including juicing still. Joe and his film changed my life.

Linda Feels Better at Age 55 Than She Did at 30

I have a new, more focused motivation. After my annual physical last month my doctor’s instruction to me was to go out and inspire!

Jim O. Lost 43 Lbs. After Several 10 Day Reboots and Now Loves to Work Out

I cannot believe how much better I feel having lost the weight and now being able to successfully exercise

After Refusing to Take Medication, Jaclyn Regained Her Health by Juicing and Eating Clean

I refused to take pills that my doctor offered. I did this to myself, so I was bound to fix it myself. I have dropped 50 lbs., and my thyroid has improved drastically.

Jerry Transforms His Life after Two Reboots to become an Energetic Dad

Jerry made a decision to get healthy for himself, his wife and his kids. He wanted to be the energetic dad, not someone who sits on the couch and watches the kids.

From Six Mountain Dews to Six Juices A Day, Robert Loses Weight and Changes His Life

Once realizing his current lifestyle was hurting him, he turned to juicing and found more than just weight loss, he found a new way to live!

Down 225 Lbs., Kitten B. Can’t Imagine Her Life Without Juicing

I was walking on crutches to help me bear my weight, my left leg was swollen and purple and hurt to touch, I couldn’t wear normal shoes, I didn’t sleep well, I was miserable.