Linda Feels Better at Age 55 Than She Did at 30

Name:  Linda O.
Age: 55
Location: Washington
Reboot: First the 3 day, then the 10 day
Did you Reboot to lose weight?  Yes

How did you learn about Reboot with Joe?        
My best friend/husband heard about  “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on his favorite radio program one morning last August.

What inspired you to do a Reboot?
We watched the movie on a Thursday night and the hubby was ready to start the following day. I was a bit skeptical, but willing to try anything that looked like a healthy alternative to improve his health.

How did the experience go for you?
Those first days were difficult, but doing it as a team and seeing the pounds fall off both of us made it bearable. As we started feeling better and better I could see there was no turning back.

How much weight did you lose (even if that wasn’t your goal!)?
Just over 25 pounds. (Hubby over 40 pounds, but you can read his full story to hear more about his journey).

Did you have any notable health or physical improvements?
As an adult I never thought I would be a runner as my knees always hurt and in the last 5 years or so I developed plantar fasciitis. I’m now running 3 + miles and loving it. I feel like even my skin and hair are healthier. I actually feel better than I have for at least 20 years!

What was the toughest part about the Reboot experience?
The days when we both got so hungry we wanted to cave were toughest. As long as one of us could stay focused and positive it was pretty easy to stay on track.

What habits have you maintained and kept a part of your everyday life?            
We’ve maintained a mostly plant-based diet. We still juice daily and most days we have a breakfast smoothie. I’ve been completely decaf since November (unless you count chocolate!). And we still go back to some of those yummy original recipes from the Reboot.

What is your lasting impression of the Reboot experience?      
I am excited about the Reboot and tell people about it all the time. I LOVE to cook and consider it a very intimate activity, as what we eat becomes a part of us. I have not lost my love for cooking with this new lifestyle, but now I have a new, more focused motivation. After my annual physical last month my doctor’s instruction to me was to go out and inspire!