From Six Mountain Dews to Six Juices A Day, Robert Loses Weight and Changes His Life

Name: Robert U.
Age: 35
Location: Portland, MI
Reboot: 3 Day Juice Only Reboot + 37 Days of Juicing until dinner

How did the Reboot experience go for you?     
My wife had me go to a doctor for the first time in 20 years  and it was a wakeup call. I weighed in at 265! My weight at a natural level is supposed to be around 190-205 and I was 60+ pounds over that. My wife out of love pleaded with me to get healthy because she wants a long life for me and with her and my kids. I realized at my pace I would most likely die early and that hurt. I want to see all 4 of my kids graduate both high school and college. I want to see my grandkids grow up and have them know their Grandpa as an active participant in their lives. I want to enjoy my empty nest years with my beautiful, fun, loving wife, but I was not living a life that would make that happen.

After this, out of God’s divine plan, I was suggested by someone close to us to watch “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. It radically changed my thinking.

On day one, January 1st, I began my journey. The plan was one fruit juice for breakfast and four more veggie juices for the day spread out by three hours. My first hurtle wasn’t the juices, but my caffeine withdrawal. I drank two 20 oz. coffees a day and six to eight cans of mountain dew a day. EVERYDAY!!

By day three, I could tell my body needed something else. I had made it through three days of detox with only fruit and veggie juice, but to continue I had to make an adjustment for continued success and follow through.

On day four, I decided to change my dinner from just a veggie juice to a meal with a small piece of chicken or fish and some cooked veggies. I felt a renewed sense of wellbeing adding some protein. It felt good to chew something again!

I’m now at day forty of my journey and I am feeling great. I eat right, I walk one to two miles a day, and I make choices that will continue me on this lifestyle. People have asked, “How long will you do this?” and my response is, “Forever!” This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle! Do I allow myself to “cheat”? Yes! Now that I’m not controlled by food, I can make better choices.

Here are some final thoughts for those that said they wanted to begin this journey:

1. Start day one on a day off.

2. Make juices you like or at least kind of like. Nothing worse than drinking something you detest.

3. For recipe ideas check out https://www.rebootwithjoe.com

4. Realize you will fail at one point and that is okay! Don’t let failure or guilt define you. Pick back up and continue. You aren’t starting over, you just hit a bump.

5. Recognize you will lose weight but at one point belt size will be more noticeable than weight loss. Celebrate it every day. Love moving the belt down a notch even if you only lose 2 pounds on the scale that week.

7. Once you get passed the initial blah of your body hating you being in control, start walking. A mile a day will begin to tone muscle that will work with you in continual fat burning.

8. Don’t tell yourself this is a diet, it’s not! Diets come and go with weight but this is a healthy way of living.

9. Remember that anything worth doing is hard at first, but we are habitual creatures and over time habits begin to make it easier to follow through. This isn’t a get thin quick idea. It’s not a put chemicals in so I don’t have to do the work idea. It’s a long game where every day builds to another. Success feels good, but failures we recover from teach us what it takes to succeed!

How much weight did you lose (even if that wasn’t your goal!)?
33 lbs in 40 days.

Did you have any notable health or physical improvements?    
No more heartburn.

What was the toughest part about the Reboot experience?      
The first 5 days.

What habits have you maintained and kept a part of your everyday life?            
Juicing from breakfast to dinner and then a fish or chicken with cooked veggies for dinner.

What is your lasting impression of the Reboot experience?
It changed my life and now it’s changing the lives of others I know.