Reboot Profiles

Husband and Wife Approach Rebooting as a Team Effort

We are both down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size so far. We recently have taken long walks without breaking a sweat or shortness of breath.

Joe V. Now Comfortably Rides on Roller Coasters with His Son

I was inspired to do a Reboot when my son and I wanted to go on a ride at our local amusement park. No big deal right?

Izzy O. Rebooted for 60 Days to Be a Role Model for His Newborn Son

My son was then born in Dec. 2012 and after realizing I would be no role model to him by living an unhealthy lifestyle, I took on the challenge to Reboot.

Johnathan Now Sees Fruits and Veggies as Little Miracles

Vegetables and Fruits truly are miracles! "Little miracles ready to transform people's lives." Read Johnathan's journey of transformation while on a Reboot.

Tired of Being Fat, 20 Year OId Barry J. Takes Control of His Life for Good

I wanted to change my life because I was tired of being fat. I had been fat since birth. I wanted to feel fit and healthy.

At 30 Years Old Nina Completes a 30 Day Reboot and Loses 30 Lbs.

This has been an AWESOME experience and now I have lots of people juicing at the hospital I work at and my friends & family too!

Brian R. Loses Half of His Body Mass and His MS is the Best It’s Been in Years

I run every day and eat healthy including juicing still. Joe and his film changed my life.

Linda Feels Better at Age 55 Than She Did at 30

I have a new, more focused motivation. After my annual physical last month my doctor’s instruction to me was to go out and inspire!

Jim O. Lost 43 Lbs. After Several 10 Day Reboots and Now Loves to Work Out

I cannot believe how much better I feel having lost the weight and now being able to successfully exercise