Angie’s Story: The Beginner’s Secret Weapons for Exercising on a Reboot

I really never cared for exercise but I was especially resistant during a Reboot...of course that has all changed now!. When I was first starting out it was really a struggle to get moving. As a beginner I found two secret weapons…two great no/low impact ways to get the body moving even when feeling lethargic. Find out what they are!

In the Reboot Kitchen: Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

This creamy and nourishing smoothie is packed with nutrients that are perfect for supporting an active lifestyle or for post-workout.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Raspberry Recovery Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with healthy and hydrating electrolytes and plant-based protein for muscle recovery.

Shane’s Story: “Lean” into Exercise

Take Shane's tips for the one important factor that will help you “lean into exercise" and focus on the first step to a healthier, fitter you.

Angie’s Story: Taking My First Step Towards Health

Psssst...did you know that you should exercise and eat right? Of course you do! Is something getting in your way of doing what you know in your bones is right?

Shane’s Story: When I Realized I was Fat

I realized I had to start from the very beginning so I tried a program called ‘Couch Potato to 5k’. Learn tips in how to get started!

In the Reboot Kitchen: Green Pineapple Smoothie

A power-house of electrolytes and other nutrients, this smoothie is loaded with potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and iron.

7 Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a plateau is normal! Age, weight, length of time you've been overweight, and gender all influence the frequency and length of time a plateau can last.

Walk Your Way to Wellness

Did you know the array of benefits walking can offer? W