Angie’s Story: Taking My First Step Towards Health

Psssst…did you know that you should exercise and eat right? Of course you do! Is something getting in your way of doing what you know in your bones is right? What is it? This is a question I asked myself over and over again. Since I started asking this question, I started juicing daily, I’ve lost 80lbs, I started exercising and running for the first time and I recently completed 2 half-marathons!

I can perfectly visualize the steps it took to get me running. On New Year’s Day 2012, I was not feeling great and was attempting to take a recovery nap. I’d clinked in the New Year with one too many glasses of really special bubbly. As I lay in my bed, I started to think about what I wanted the next year to look like. This caused some anxiety because the life I wanted for myself did not include laying in my bed alone on New Year’s day. I immediately got up, put my sneakers on and went for a walk in the beautiful Presidio with my trusty sidekick Lula Belle, the perfect Pekingese.

The park was buzzing with activity. The sun was bright and warm. It was one of those “winter days” in San Francisco that allows one to wear short sleeves and breathe deep. I walked along thinking about all the personal struggles I’d faced in the last year. As these thoughts drifted through my brain, my pace increased. I was getting worked up. I didn’t want to carry these struggles into the New Year. I needed to lay these burdens down. Let them go! Then something happened, a little voice whispered “run” and I listened.

Lula Belle was in shock, we jogged for about a minute before she put on the breaks. You have to understand the mighty Pekingese is no Greyhound but neither was I. I really could not have gone much further; I was out of breath after less than one minute. Running felt jarring and exhilarating. The impact of each step rippled through my body. I was excited by the new possibilities unfolding before me. I felt tired but was ready to try again tomorrow. Could I really do this? Could I really be a runner? That was the day I took my first steps toward the life I wanted. All movement in life depends on taking that first step. Run toward what you want and leave the rest behind.

So how did I go from a girl obsessed with seeking out the best restaurants, hosting elaborate foodie dinner parties and avoiding sweating at all costs to an ATHLETE? Well this is the subject I’ll be writing about. I’ll share my own experiences, knowledge I gained along the way, what keeps me motivated, the mind body connection, my own recommendations for choosing the right equipment (hint: never skimp on shoes or sports bras lol) and a concept I call the “mental juice”. I’ll also explore new types of exercise and some that are particularly good to do when fasting.

When I started down this path I had no idea the amazing things that would unfold before me. Let me make it clear I’m not a professional trainer or yoga instructor or doctor, I’m a behavior change expert. I’ve worked in the mental health field for many years helping children and families overcome significant challenges with therapeutic behavioral interventions. In my work I get the privilege to be a catalyst for and bear witness to inspiring transformations…miracles really.

The area that interests me most is that space between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it. When I started to apply my professional expertise to myself, magic started to happen. What I thought was impossible for me became possible! I want this for you too. I do hope that the process of sharing my experience will help you on your fitness path but this can’t really happen without your participation!

Enough about me, I want to hear from you! When you ask yourself what gets in the way of exercising, what comes up? Please post your answers in the comment section. Maybe we can figure this out together!