Shane’s Story: “Lean” into Exercise

In my last post we looked at my first ever run and despite the humiliation of it all, it transformed my life. Since that fateful day, I have dropped 75 pounds, 8 inches from waist, and ran three half marathons.

In fact, to show how far I have come in my journey since I started juicing and running, I decided to run 4 miles to Washington Square Park in NYC this past Saturday to say hello to Joe Cross who was completing some filming there. I ran the 4 miles back too so it was a good 8 mile weekend run!

Had I read these words a few years back I would have laughed out loud…

In my last post I also addressed the importance of ‘leaning’ into exercise; how small steps into the world of exercise is far superior and healthier than a 3 hour workout once a week.

This week I’m highlighting one important factor that will help you “lean into exercise” and focus on the first step to a healthier, fitter you.


I know. It sounds simple right? But this is critical when you start exercising. It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about fueling your body correctly to be prepared for exercise.

Tracking your meals and how much you consume everyday is a great motivator to start making small changes. It will give you a real picture of why you are overweight or feeling sluggish – it can be very revealing and quite shocking when you add those calories up. Try using a tracking app and/or website to help you. My favorite is the Myfitnesspal website and app.

As you begin to transition into a healthier lifesetly, this is a great habit to help educate yourself about how much you consume each day. It might help inspire you to start making gradual changes that will help you lose weight and find it easier to exercise.

When I started running I simultaneously completed my first 7 day juice only cleanse. The two went hand in hand for me. I have discovered that when I juice and then run it feels like I am running on optimum grade fuel. It makes a huge difference.

I would not advise this approach for everyone, but for me I felt I had the energy from the juices to get up and run.

I’ve come a long way but I’m not perfect. Sometimes I indulge in an occasional “junk food” treat but when I go for an early morning run, I feel the “junk food” and it feels awful. It’s like putting low grade fuel in your brand new car. I mean if you had a prize winning racehorse you would not feed it food full of rubbish right?

If I can give you a small piece of advice…The next time you have plans to workout after work, skip the cookies your coworker brings in to share. Tell them, “I’m okay I’m going running after work and don’t want to feel sluggish.” They’ll be inspired, and so will you.

Simply put, good nutrition will help you to work out more effectively and recover easier.

What foods to you like best before you exercise?