Turn Your Errands into Exercise

We all know how important daily physical activity is for mind, body and soul, but finding time for a trip to the gym or yoga class may not always be possible. Everyday activities can be an opportunity for exercise!

Here are a few fun tips to try:

Carry your groceries at the store or market in a basket instead of a shopping cart.

Walk instead of taking a car or bus or get off the bus or train one stop early and walk.

Seek out hills on your route.

Listen to music while walking, it’ll help you boost up your pace naturally.

Take the stairs even a few flights. This was my favorite post baby workout – the lactation room is on the 16th floor so I made the commitment to climb at least once a day.

Take the stairs 2 at a time. Go slow and keep your core engaged. Work those glutes.  Put your entire foot on the stair and push through your heel and ball of your foot as you step up.

Walk to the store or library instead of driving.

Carry or wear your baby or toddler instead of pushing a stroller. Add a few bags of groceries and you’ve got some serious weight resistance!

Weights while you wait:

1.) Do calf raises while you are waiting in line.  To anyone around it looks like you’re just peeking ahead to see when it’s your turn.  Try one leg at a time. Stand tall and balance on one foot, cross the top of your opposite foot behind your ankle.  Slowly raise up pushing through the ball of your foot.
2.) Coconut water curls – 16 oz = 1 pound.  Hold your 32 oz coconut water (or broth, etc…) and lift in a slow controlled fashion to do bicep curls while you wait.

Be sure to maintain good form for better results and safety to prevent injury. When carrying heavy bags, balance the weight between both arms, keep your core engaged and your body in proper alignment.

Most of all, have fun staying in shape!