A Couple’s Story of Weight Loss in Costa Rica

Boats in CR

In the beginning of February, 21 Rebooters came together on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica for a 7 night, 8 day LIVE Guided Reboot experience. We wanted to hear from someone who was there and in action to get the full scoop. Kate and John Repko volunteered to share their story — together they lost 26 pounds in just eight days. I’ll let them tell you the rest…

A Juicy Podcast (Listen & Learn)

Juicing Radio - 15 Day Guided Reboot

Dive deep into the details of our Guided Reboot program by listening to the journey of one participant who ends up losing 17 pounds on a 15 Day plan. You’ll also hear from our Guided Reboot coach, Rachel, who answers all (we mean all) of your questions about Rebooting.

My Disease Was Ruining My Life but Juicing is Saving It

Tiffany Before and After Reboot Success Story

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune inflammatory disease called polymyositis that causes muscle weakness. My muscle weakness is from my neck all the way down to my legs. This disease was ruining my life. I’m a 33 year old single mother of a 7 year old and life was becoming difficult. It was hard to do simple everyday tasks. I could barely lift my arms above my head.

A Bakery that Juices?

Juicing Summit Cilantro Juice

Yesterday I was lucky to spend my morning with some of the biggest juice gurus in the business at the first ever Juicing Summit, hosted by Breville and Edible Manhattan. I sat in the crowd with other healthy eating (and juicing) enthusiasts who gave their full attention to the experts who filled us in on what’s happening in the juicing world. Find out where some juice bars are headed and get a unique recipe off the menu of a NYC bakery.