Baby on Board? What You Need to Know about Pregnancy & Juicing

One of the most common questions we get from our Reboot community is about why we don’t advise anyone who is pregnant or breast feeding to do an all juice program, so here’s why.

Why shouldn’t someone who’s pregnant or breastfeeding do an all-juice program? 

Both during pregnancy and while breast-feeding, our bodies require adequate protein, calories and many key nutrients like healthy fat, iron, vitamin D and calcium. Due to the fact that every individuals program differs based on how much juice each person chooses to consume and if they choose to consume the recommended healthy fat and protein, we cannot guarantee that the all juice plan has enough of what is truly needed during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Since safety is our primary concern, we recommend that if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding you should refrain from taking part in an exclusive juicing plan.

How to include juice and plant-based foods during pregnancy and while breastfeeding:

Although participating in an all juice program isn’t recommended, you can certainly include some fresh juice as long as it doesn’t take the place of foods with key nutrients like calcium and protein, and instead used it as a healthy addition to meals and snacks to increase nutrient consumption. You can also bump up fruit and vegetable consumption during pregnancy both whole and in the form of smoothies, this can also help to provide key nutrients to the body.

The bottom line is that you can certainly include juices and even smoothies as part of a healthy and balanced eating plan while pregnant and breast feeding, but shouldn’t take part in an all-juice program. Save it for afterward!