Barbara Reboots Her Love of Veggies

Barbara dedicated much of her life to her business and family. While she tried just about every diet, nothing seemed to stick. When her son started juicing, she was intrigued but didn’t believe she could exist on juice alone. Two years later, Barbara took the leap after watching Joe’s movie, and totally Rebooted her health and life.

Barbara Godoy Raleigh, NC

My Results:

  • I lost 35 pounds*
  • My blood pressure is lower*
  • I’ve stop taking my medications*
  • I love veggies!
  • I’m excited to cook delicious meals

I am 61 years old, married, and have a grown son and two adorable grandsons. I really don’t feel 61 at all, which is good.

My family is self-employed and we own a freight transportation business. I used to be able to participate in many hobbies, but in the past 10 years or so, I have been pretty much dedicated to the family business. Any free time I have is for family.

I tried everything to lose weight

I have been on every diet out there. I even tried liquid protein back in the day. When I finally decided to try juicing, I knew that I could do the 30-day Reboot because I had done it with liquid protein.

My son rebooted 2 years before I tried it

My son told me about his Reboot about two years ago but I could not grasp it at the time and I could not understand why you would want to just exist on juice. He had recently started it up again, and I took the opportunity to watch, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” I was obsessed after that and decided to start the next Monday.

Rebooting was easier than I expected

I did not have any problems with the Reboot. I was not tired or irritable. I think that the biggest surprise was how satisfied I feel after having a juice. Also, I had no cravings at all.

I juiced for 30 days using the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet and Fully Charged books. But it was really Joe’s movie that sparked the inspiration.

I’ve transformed my body*

When I started the Reboot, I weighed 225 pounds and I am now down to 190.* My blood pressure is now at a much lower level, and I am currently off my blood pressure medicine.* I feel great overall.

My relationship with food is completely renewed

Joe certainly named the Reboot correctly, as I feel totally rebooted. I now want to find out everything I can about food and I’m on a quest to eat only the best things available.

I am back to eating regular foods with a juice when I feel like it but I am watching my sugars and carbs. My diet is now mostly plant-based.

After watching many shows on nutrition, I am very committed to this way of life. I have always loved veggies and fruits but I now love them more. I could not be more excited about cooking all these wonderful dishes with veggies.

I never would have done this if it were not for the Reboot. I certainly owe Joe a big thanks for the benefits that I have already enjoyed and the benefits that we as a family have yet to see.

What I tell others who are ready for change

I stress to others that this is not a radical thing. You may not be chewing but you are definitely eating and probably eating the best that you have in quite a while.

I did help my coworker start juicing and she tried it out as well. I tell anyone who is within earshot how beneficial it is to your health.