Gluten-Free Cassava Waffles

GF Cassaava Waffles

Start your day with these waffles, which are a delicious change from regular waffles that often include refined grain flours and sugar. Cassava flour is made from yuca root, a tuber similar to yam, plantain and potato, and then dried and ground into a flour. This naturally gluten-free flour offers a mild flavor and can […]

Acai Breakfast Bowl


Looking to get away from cereals and/or cooking in the mornings? Try this breakfast bowl. The base is a thicker-than-usual smoothie made with acai (pronounced “ah-sah-EE”). This potent berry is high in antioxidants and can be very beneficial for a range of health problems. It has a naturally tart flavor which goes well with other […]

Cookies for Breakfast

Breakfast cookies

If your days are anything like mine, mornings are organized chaos involving speed, serenity and serious mental focus to get everyone out the door on time, well nourished and in a happy mood ready to tackle and enjoy the day. No wonder almost 20 percent of Americans skip breakfast. One way to help make mornings […]

3 Reasons to Make Your Own Breakfast Cereal

Make Your Own Cereal

Of the many different breakfast options, cereals are a popular, quick-fix for breakfast. When they’re fresh, fiber-filled and home-made they make for a great way to start the day; however, most often it’s easier to pick ready-prepared varieties that are often laden with extra calories, sugar and artificial colorings. This guideline makes it easier for you to make your own healthy cereals!

Juice for Breakfast Changed My Life

Gavin C Before and After

“Before I knew it my work and home schedule had taken over my life and yes, inevitably I’d soon gained 15kg (33lb) of ‘blubber.’ Depressed as this made me feel, I could never find my way back. I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and knew I couldn’t juice only, but what I did do changed me life.” Read Gavin’s full story.