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Easy Roasted Delicata Squash

Squash is a healthy starch that's loaded with de-bloating and heart-healthy potassium.

The Top 5 Factors That Might Be Making You Sick

Do you catch every cold? Your body might not be getting what it needs to thrive.

Avocado Chips Are a Delicious Starter or Snack

Try this delicious alternative to regular French fries.

Tips for Preparing Breakfast the Night Before

Use these strategies to wake up to a healthy breakfast every morning. Plus, check out eight yummy make-ahead breakfast options.

Chickpea and Sweet Potato Cacciatore Recipe

Looking for comfort food? Try this easy, filling and healthy dish.

What to Eat to Get Over a Cold, Fast

If you've got a cold this winter, turn to these eight foods to recover quickly.

Vegan Mexican Layered Dip

Try this healthy twist on the party classic.

9 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

It's not too late! Here are nine great goals to set for this upcoming year.

A Complete Breakfast to Pack Ahead: Oatmeal and Smoothie Combo

Plan ahead, so you can have a healthy, well balanced breakfast that's available even if you hit the snooze button. 

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