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Defining the Meaning of Happiness

In my many years working as a coach I have lost count of the hours I have spent philosophizing about what happiness is. When I have asked clients about what happiness is for them they have explained to me that it feels as though something is missing from their lives. Usually, it’s very difficult for them to pinpoint exactly what that is. I would like to take it one step further and actually break down the definition of happiness and how that looks for you in your life. How does it feel? How does it smell? How does it make your heart sing? The work you will do in this chapter means knowing that you want to create an element ... Continue

Life Balance – 5 Quick Tips

By now you have clear goals and strategies to get to reach these goals. You have unlocked any roadblocks in the way, discovered a more balanced life and a more loving you. Learning balance is the final step in your transformation – building a structure and remedies that support the new you so you can maintain your magnificence and shine your light daily — because there is no one else like you in the world. A balanced life feels right even when it’s busy. To maintain all the positive changes in your life that you have worked hard to transform over the last few days, weeks or months — however long it has taken you to work your way through ... Continue

Week 8 – BEING IN THE FLOW OF LIFE – The Waterfall Concept

You may have found some aspects of this short course confronting and difficult. You may even feel that you don’t yet have a life you love or a weight you desire for your body yet. And that’s okay, because you are working towards it. It doesn’t happen at the same pace for everyone. I want to give you a tip on how you can recognise when you are living a life you love, because there won’t be any big banners in the sky or a special noise telling you that you have arrived at that life. There will, however, be what I call ‘the Waterfall Concept’. The Waterfall Concept refers to the fact that people who are happy – people ... Continue

Week 7 – Supercoach Life Maintenance

We are now at week 7! What a journey! You have now learnt to create goals, shift limiting belief systems, create powerful actions, know what your value and be savvy with your time to create an extraordinary new life! This week I have summarized several key-coaching tools you can keep close by. They are your Supercoach® tools to be readily used whenever you need them! You have all the tools you need to maximize your Reboot juicing experience in an easy to follow action packed coaching program! You can use these past few weeks to review past blogs in relation to this program and keep applying all the exercise and tools to keep you razor sharp and passionate in what ... Continue


We are now at Week 6 of Lift Your Life coaching program! I want to focus this week on helping you manage time more effectively. With greater energy and more vitality for life, let’s look at how you can get more out of your day and accomplish more! When was the last time you stopped to consider where your time is being spent and how you feel about it? How many hours do you really work? How much time do you spend caring for others? How much of your time is spent caring for you? By the end of this chapter you will have a clearer understanding of how time is impacting on your life and sabotaging your success. Keeping ... Continue

WEEK 5 – Reboot Your New Vision

We are now in Week 5! By now you will have learnt powerful coaching tips and tools to help you Reboot your health & your life! If you have not read all the weekly blogs You have leant how to: 1. Be clear on your goals! 2. Understand what you values in your life 3. Be able to make clear strategies to help your achieve your goals! 4. Have the ability to turn a limiting belief into a positive statement! This week I’m going to teach you how to bring all of the above into a fun format often referred to as a vision board – which is a lot of wonderful pictures and words that reflect your new healthy ... Continue

Juice, Inflammation and Auto-Immune Diseases

When foreign substances enter our bodies, we have powerful defense mechanisms involving our immune systems to prevent those substances from causing damage. Our bodies do this through chemical and cellular mechanisms that result in inflammation. However, the inflammation that results is not without its own drawbacks. Think about a mosquito bite, an asthma attack, or Joe’s urticaria. These are reactions that we can directly observe, but there are many others that occur throughout our bodies that contribute to heart disease, stroke, and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus, to name a few. These inflammatory processes protect us, but cause disease when the response is profound. Fasting (in the form of total, subtotal and juice fasting) has ... Continue


If what’s in your dreams wasn’t already inside you, how could you even dream it? We are now at Week 4 in the Lift Your Life Coaching Program! By now you will have created a clear plan with razor sharp goals, be affirming your favorite positive statements each day, taking consistent actions towards your goals and able to see success with your goals! You will also be more aware of where and how you sabotage your goals! Now its time to reboot any old limiting belief systems to unleash your potential! If you don’t believe that change is possible, change will never be possible. No matter what dark points you’ve had in your life, never underestimate the power of belief ... Continue


“What do you pack to pursue your dream and what do you want to leave behind?” By the end of this week’s blog you will have successfully learnt how to use affirmations in a powerful and effective way in your life. This will help you reach your goals plus stop negative thoughts creeping in. I love affirmations. Positive words start to nourish and feed another part of your wise voice that has been shut out. Affirmations have helped me quiet the voice of fear and strengthen my voice of insight and trust. They’ve helped me reprogram me – it’s almost like unlearning what I’ve learnt and learning a new thing, which has helped me, reach my desired goals. The principle ... Continue

Anti-Cancer Foods: Mushrooms

We usually think of brightly colored vegetables as the ones having the most health-promoting properties – since antioxidants are pigments, and deeply colored plant foods like blueberries are extremely rich in these beneficial pigments. Mushrooms may not be so beautifully colored, but they certainly contain plenty of valuable phytochemicals. Mushrooms support the immune system Mushrooms contain certain molecules that are thought to fight infections and even cancers by stimulating immune cells.(1, 2) Mushrooms are unique in their breast cancer preventing (anti-aromatase) effects Frequent consumption of mushrooms (approximately 1 button mushroom per day) has been shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer by 60-70%.(3) Mushrooms are thought to protect against breast cancer particularly because they inhibit an enzyme called aromatase, ... Continue

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